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7 Factors Contractors Should Consider in the Face of Natural Disasters

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In the wake of a year of natural disasters affecting individuals, families and communities in the US and in other parts of the world, it’s obvious there’s a pressing need to understand how these catastrophic events can affect your contracting business. Whether disaster strikes in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia or anywhere else, a natural disaster can affect the general operations of your business. The good news is that those with a contractor license are also in a position to help the community throughout the cleanup and recovery process. Here are 7 factors contractors should consider in the face of natural disasters.

1. Delayed Contracts for a Carolina, Virginia or Georgia Contractor License

No matter where the base of your contracting operations is—whether it’s a Georgia contractor license or anywhere else—you can expect that a natural disaster will lead to a delay in contracts. The individual or company to which you are contracted will be busy trying to pick up the pieces and sort out their own lives in the aftermath of the disaster. This can lead to delayed financial payments, contracts put on indefinite hold until further notice, and other setbacks that can adversely affect your business.

2. Displaced Personnel

One of the ways your contracting business will feel the impact of the natural disaster is in the displacement of personnel. As people are evacuated, you can expect that some of your contract hires will be taking their families to safer areas. It’s a good idea to touch base with as many personnel as possible to ensure their safety, check in on their whereabouts, and reach out to them in the aftermath to see if they are available to help out with the urgent cleanup process once the natural disaster has passed.


3. Cleanup and Recovery with a Carolina, Georgia or Virginia Contractor License

The damage caused by the natural disaster won’t be evident until the event has passed. Natural disasters are not only devastating during the event itself but also in the wreckage they cause throughout the community. From large-scale flooding, to torn down power lines, and fallen trees and limbs, a natural disaster can tear apart the peace and safety of a community. That’s where people with a Virginia contractor license, Carolina contractors license, or Georgia contractor license can truly shine and help in rebuilding the community. The cleanup process requires the network connections and knowledge that contractors have in building and maintenance.

4. Resource Shortages

Depending on where you hold a license for—whether it’s a Carolina contractors license or from anywhere else—if your contracting business is from outside the community that needs your services, it’s a good idea to anticipate a shortage of resources. Resources such as water and gas might be in low supply or contaminated, depending on the extent of the damage. If you come from out of state, make calls to determine the state of resources in the area and come equipped with your own backup supply if able.

5. Power Outages

Power outages are another major consequence of a natural disaster. Whether it’s to power a paint sprayer or any other appliance or device that runs on electricity, chances are you’ll need to use electricity at some point in the construction and recovery process. Come prepared to handle the worst with a stock of backup generators so that you don’t have to delay in helping the community get back on its feet.

6. Re-Construction and Repairs

Massive flooding from hurricanes, torn apart houses and buildings from tornadoes, these are just a couple examples of the wreckage that natural disasters can cause. Make use of your Carolina, Georgia or Virginia contractor license for humanitarian efforts and help the community to re-construct destroyed buildings and repair foundations, fences, and more. There is good money in helping with the reconstruction and repairs that are needed after a natural disaster, but more than that, you’ll receive the full gratitude of the community for your help.

7. Reinforcing Infrastructure with a Virginia, Georgia or Carolina Contractors License

Along with repairing the community itself, a person with a contractors license can also help reinforce infrastructure so that the community won’t be hit as hard in case another disaster strikes again. From levees to dams there’s a number of infrastructures that can be damaged by a natural disaster. By reinforcing these structures, you can help support the backbone of the community.

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