Building Safety Month 2024 I Construction News

Building Safety Month 2024 I Construction News

What is Building Safety Month? May is not just the month where flowers bloom; it is also a time to focus on a foundation that keeps us safe—building safety. This May, the International Code Council (ICC) leads the charge with Building Safety Month 2024, themed "Mission Possible."   

Building Safety month is set aside to raise awareness about building safety during May with the goal of educating individuals, families, and businesses on everything involved in creating and maintaining sustainable structures. Emphasis is also placed on reinforcing the need to adopt modern and routinely updated building codes and shine a light on professionals who work year-round to ensure our safety. In 2023, nearly 400 jurisdictions observed Building Safety Month, including President Biden, mayors, governors, country officials, and more.    


Building Safety Month 2024: Mission Possible Here is a breakdown of the exciting, informative weekly themes designed to enhance our understanding and engagement with building safety. 


Week 1: Understanding the Mission  

The kickoff week serves as an introduction to building safety. What is Building Safety Month, and why is it important? This week, we delve into how building safety impacts every aspect of our lives—from the homes we live into the buildings we work in. Understanding these fundamentals is crucial for recognizing the roles and responsibilities we share in maintaining safe structures.  


Week 2: Preparing a Building Safety Plan  

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to safety. Week 2 is all about preparation. The ICC offers a wealth of resources, including downloadable brochures and educational tools, focused on key safety topics such as water and fire safety, sustainability, resilience, and disaster preparedness. These resources provide valuable tips and best practices for ensuring safety at home and in our communities.  


Week 3: Learning from the Pros  

Ever wondered who ensures our buildings are safe? This week shines a spotlight on building safety professionals. Learn about their day-to-day roles, the critical importance of their work, and how they contribute to our community's safety.   

Plus, for those interested in a career in this field, there’s guidance on how to get started and work alongside these crucial safety advocates.  


Week 4: Engaging Your Community  

Building safety is a community effort. This week, we explore how everyone, from young children to senior citizens, can advocate for and contribute to safer building practices. The ICC provides actionable tips for promoting building safety in your community and engaging ways to involve the younger generation, fostering a culture of safety from an early age.  


Week 5: Celebrating Success in Building Safety  

In our final week, we celebrate the heroes of building safety—individuals and communities that have made significant contributions to this vital field. Through editorial spotlights and event highlights, we share inspiring stories of success and community effort during Building Safety Month.  

Throughout the month, follow the ICC at and Contractor Training Center, an avid supporter of safety education for contractors who offers exam prep packages and continuing education across the United States. Join us in making the mission possible—ensuring safety and resilience for everyone, everywhere.  

Join us this Building Safety Month to make your mission possible: Ensuring a safer tomorrow through learning and engagement today!  


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