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How to Get Your Contractors License In Virginia

Posted by James McRady on

Virginia Contractor License Application Process


  1. Have a registered company name with the State Corporation of Virginia
  2. Take the Virginia DPOR mandated 8-Hour PreLicence Course (which we offer at
  3. Register at PSI to take the Business / Law exam (If you need to upgrade to A or B)
  4. Apply to DPOR for permission to take the technical specialty exam with Virginia Department of Professional Occupation and Regulation
  5. Pass the Business / Law and Pass the Technical Exam at PSI for your specialty (which we offer at


Virginia is a two-license requirement.  Business / Law and Technical.  An office admin can take the Business Law (Class C, B or A) Exams.  And someone in the field can take the Technical Exam.


You must apply to DPOR before you can take the technical exam at PSI but pre-approval is not required for the Business Law exams.


The 8-Hour PreLicence Course Counts as your Class C Business Law requirement.

Expedite - You can only expedite a Class A license application.  The "Expedited License Application" form from DPOR must be used.  You must have already taken and passed the Virgina, General and Advanced portions of the exam (which constitute the Class A license) in order to apply for the expedited license.  

License Limitations:

Class A – required for all projects in exceeding $120,000 and yearly revenue over &750,000.  The Company must have a $45k minimum net worth

Class B – required for all projects exceeding $10,000 and not more than $120,000 per project, and not to exceed $750,000 in yearly revenue.  The company must have a minimum net worth of $15,000

Class C – Single projects must not exceed $10,000 and annual income must not exceed $120,000.


We offer exam prep for all the Business & Contracting Law licenses: Class A, B and C and for most of the contractor technical licenses: RBC – Residential Building Contractor, CBC – Commercial Building Contractor, HIC – Home Improvement Contractor, CIC – Commercial Improvement Contractor, HH – Highway Heavy and NASCLA National Accredited Exam.


Just look us up at or call us at 804-556-5518



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  • Is there a background check to get class c ?

    Scott Clark on

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