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Virginia Commercial Improvement and Home Improvement Contracting - Book Bundle (Combo)

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Virginia HIC / CIC Combined Book Bundle

These are all of the books that you will need for both the Home Improvement Contracting AND the Virginia Home Improvement Contracting Exam Preparation Training class and exam. 

  1. Virginia USBC / Virginia Construction Code (CI Publication)*
  2. 29 CFR Part 1926 and Related Standards
  3. Carpentry & Building Construction
  4. Contractors Guide to Quality Concrete Construction 3rd Edition
  5. Craftsman's Manual and Textbook 8th Edition
  6. Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures 16th Edition
  7. Gypsum Construction Handbook
  8. IBC 2012 - International Building Code
  9. IRC 2012 - International Residential Code
  10. Insulation Handbook 2000
  11. Modern Masonry
  12. Standard Practice for Installation of Rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Siding and Sofit Compilation (CI Publication)*

* NOTE:  Contractor's Institute Publications are compilations of selected texts, providing our clients with the content appropriate for exam preparation and only available through Contractor's Institute.

Be sure and order the corresponding CIC / HIC Tab Set.

Click here to purchase the tabs:    Virginia CIC / HIC Tab Set



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