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A certificate or license is required for all except the smallest construction and remodeling projects.

Notice: As of January 25, 2013, each residential builder and remodeler will be required to provide a certificate of insurance that shows evidence of current coverage, including general liability insurance.

If you perform residential roofing or remodeling totaling over $10,000, you will be required to obtain a residential remodeling or roofing license.

If you are building over a value of $50,000, you will be required to obtain a residential builders license through the state of Mississippi.

When you hold a residential builders license, you will have the advantage to build commercial properties that are 7500 sq. ft. or less.

You will need to take and pass the Trade and Business/Law sections of the exam for residential builders licensing. The testing will be provided by PSI Examination Services. You can contact PSI by phone at 1-800-733-9267 FREE or by their website –

A license will be required before contracting, offering, or bidding a price to perform work. The first step with the licensing process is to pass the exam for the specific license in which you are trying to obtain. It’s a requirement or every classification of a license to pass the Business and Law management exam.

You can obtain licensing information from:

Mississippi State Board of Contractors 

Web site: or call them at 601-354-6161

How do I get my contractors license in Mississippi?

In order to Become eligible to take the examination(s):

1. Request an application package from the Mississippi Contractor Licensing Board.

2. Complete the appropriate application, commercial or residential, along with any other necessary forms, and return to the Board.

3. The Board will notify PSI of your eligibility and PSI will email you a confirmation notice.

4. You will have 6 months from the date of eligibility to take the examination. If you fail, you may retest on an unlimited basis during this 6 month period. If you do not pass within 6 months, you must reapply with the Board.

You must apply before taking the exams for Mississippi Except for the NASCLA Accredited Exam

Time frame for the Courses

  • You can expect at least 24-30 hours for the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor Course.
  • You can expect 8 hours each for the Mississippi Exam Prep Courses.

What Can You Find on The Exams?

The questions are random, from over 1,000 questions.

Business and Law Exam Content – There will be 50 questions on this exam. You will be allowed 2 hours and must get 36 questions right.

  • Licensing Requirements – 5 questions
  • Estimating and Bidding – 7 questions
  • Lien Law – 1 question
  • Financial Management – 5 questions
  • Tax Law – 5 questions
  • Labor Laws – 5 questions
  • Project Management – 5 questions
  • Contracts – 6 questions
  • Business organization – 2 questions
  • Risk Management – 4 questions
  • Environment & Safety – 5 questions

Remodelers License Exam Content – There are 60 questions on the exam and you are allowed 2 hours.  You must get at least 42 correct.

  • Safety (6 questions)
  • Windows and Doors (3 questions)
  • Rough Carpentry (16 questions)
  • Finish Carpentry (16 questions)
  • Siding (3 questions)
  • Drywall (2 questions)
  • Concrete (7 questions)
  • Masonry (7 questions)

Residential License Exam Content –  There are 80 questions on the exam and you are allowed 3 hours.  You must get at least 56 correct.

  • Site work, Footings and Foundations (11 questions)
  • Concrete and Concrete Reinforcement (8 questions)
  • Masonry (8 questions)
  • Carpentry (13 questions)
  • Associated Trades and Drywall (6 questions)
  • Roofing (7 questions)
  • Estimating, Plan Reading and General Code Requirements (18 questions)
  • OSHA Safety (5 questions)
  • Licensing (4 questions)

 NASCLA Accredited Exam Content

The NASCLA Accredited exam has 115 questions, but you must get 81 answers right. Each person will have 330 minutes to finish the exam. The subjects that are involved are listed below:

  • Estimating, Bidding & Pre-construction – 23 questions
  • Project Management – 28 questions
  • Project Construction- 32 questions
  • Project Closeout – 9 questions
  • Business & Financial Management – 23 questions

What is The Cost of Taking Exams Through PSI?

  • One Examination Portion ($120)
  • Two Examination Portions ($240)
  • Three Examination Portions ($360)
  • Examination Review ($120)

Contractor Continued Education: Is it Required in Mississippi?

No, it’s not required.

What States Does Mississippi Have Reciprocity?


The Mississippi State Board of Contractors has reciprocal agreements with Alabama General Contractors Board, Alabama Electrical Contractors Board, Alabama Heating and Air Contractors Board, Arkansas Contractors Board, Georgia Board of Residential and General Contractors, Louisiana Contractors Board, North Carolina Electrical Contractors Board, South Carolina Contractors Board and Tennessee Contractors Board. If you have held a license in one of these states for three (3) consecutive years, the board may waive your trade exam.   However, the Mississippi Law and Business Management exam is mandatory. Reciprocity applies to waiver of the trade exam requirement only.  It does not waive any of the other application requirements or review by the Board.   See our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for more detail.

NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor License: It is Required in Mississippi?

Yes. After you pass the NASCLA Accredited Exam or Commercial General Building Contractors, you will find yourself within the NASCLA Exam Database. You will be able to access the information that is available for the states listed below, as they accept the NASCLA Accredited Exam: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

General Contractor (Commercial Contractor) License: Does Mississippi Require It?

Yes, if you are doing a privately funded job over $50,000.00 per job or a publicly funded job over $50,000.00 per job you will have to have a state contractor’s license. For anything that falls below that amount, you will have to contact the city or county wherever you will be doing the job and meet their requirements.

Yes. If you are involved with a privately funded job that totals over $50,000 or a publicly funded job that totals over $50,000 for each job, you will be required to hold a state contractor’s license. If the job is less than that amount, you will need to contact the county or city and meet their specific requirements.



  • # of Questions: 50
  • % Required to Pass: 70
  • Time Allowed: 2 hours


Subject Area # of Items
Licensing 5
Estimating and Bidding 7
Lien Law 1
Financial Management 5
Tax Laws 5
Labor Laws 5
Project Management 5
Contracts 6
Business Organization 2
Risk Management 4
Environmental and Safety 5



Any commercial, residential or industrial structure.

  • # of Questions: 80
  • % Required to Pass: 70
  • Time Allowed: 3 hours


Subject Area # of Items
Site work 6
Concrete 12
Masonry 6
Metals 12
Carpentry 7
Thermal and Moisture Protection 7
Doors and Windows 3
Finishes 3
Safety 6
General Code, Plan Reading and Estimating 15
Mississippi One Call 3

Where can I get the books?

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