Virginia CLASS A/B & Residential Building Contractor (RBC) and Commercial Building Contractor (CBC)

We are the best at preparing you for taking the PSI exam.  Look how many good reviews we have on our Facebook page and on our BBB profile.  We teach you how to navigate the manuals and books for this open-book exam.  If you follow our method, you will pass!  Guaranteed!

MARCH 1, 2016 - NEW DPOR REGULATION - All new contractors must be pre-approved to take PSI technical exams.  You must apply to the state and fill in a License Application and an Experience Verification Form.  You must fill these out and send them to DPOR before you can take the PSI Technical Exams.  If you are in a rush and taking the Class A - you can use the Expedited Form to speed up the process.

Here are the Class A / B and RBC / CBTC Exam Prep classes we have scheduled. Please call 804-556-5518 or email us at or go to our online store reserve your seat.

ALL CLASSES ARE NOW ARE ALSO INTERACTIVE WEBINAR CLASSES – JOIN THE CLASS FROM YOUR HOME OR OFFICE.  This is for the Class A/B and Residential (RBC) and Commercial (CBTC) class.  We cover the Class A/B in the morning session and the RBC/CBC in the afternoon:

Richmond Classes are held in 

1100 Welborne Dr. Suite 103, Richmond, VA 23229.

Sign-Up For Class>>

ATTENTION: You have to PRE-APPLY with the state of Virginia in order to take the Class RBC or CBC exams.   

Virginia DPOR now requires you to get pre-approved to take the RBC and CBTC exam (but not the NASCLA exam).   If you plan to take the RBC or CBTC you must apply for your Class A or B license first, add your specialty and wait 30 days.  Also – you can only get an expedited application request if you apply for the Class A Only.  When you apply for the Class A, you will list your specialty and once they approve you-you can take the CBTC or RBC exam.  Again, you do not need the approval to take the NASCLA exam.

The normal application process takes 30-45 days unless you fill out the Expedite Form.  Then it is only 72 hours.  Here are the application and forms on the Virginia DPOR website:

We sell and provide the study materials, practice tests and tabs for your books.  You will need to order the books and manuals from the links provided below. 

You will need to prepay for your class as we only have a limited number of seats.  Please call us at 804-556-5518 or email us at if you haven’t paid yet to secure your seat.

The morning will consist of the A&B review and training – and starts at 8:30 am. The afternoon session we will cover everything necessary for the RBC/CBTC portion of the state exam requirements.  The RBC class starts at 1:00 pm.

Class A/B Course with Study Material – A concise training course that covers the test content area for the Virginia, General, and Advanced exams. This class also includes: A/B Study Guide, USBC Uniform Statewide Building Code, Practice exam, tabs and highlighter. Practice sample accounting and math problems and review of test taking strategies.

To purchase the Class A/B Exam Prep with study material, click here: Class A/B with Study Material

Where can I order the Virginia NASCLA Manual and tabs for the Class A/B Class?

You will need to order the following book for the Class A/B:  Virginia NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management (Virginia 8th Edition)  You can get the NASCLA book, tabs and study guide in our bookstore.

RBC Exam Prep Class with Study Material – This is an Instructor led Exam Prep class for the BLD designation.  To take this class and test, you will need our RBC bundle: Virginia Safety Manual with a Carpentry supplement, Practice Exam, RBC Study Guide, Tabs, highlighter & pencil.

To purchase the bundle for Class A/B and RBC Courses and Materials, please click here: Class A/B and the RBC Courses and Materials Bundle

What Books do I need for the RBC Class and Exam?

You will need the following two books for the RBC designation: IRC 2012, Carpentry and Construction and Virginia Safety. 

If you have any questions call us at  804-556-5518

8am-8pm ET Monday – Saturday

Or email us at  We are available to take your calls or return your voicemail or emails within just an hour.

What other trades does the Building RBC Technical Exam Cover and why is it better than HIC or other Technical Licenses?

When you pass the RBC Technical Exam, you are allowed to do almost everything that the other specialty exams cover, including building from the ground up.  When you pass the RBC Technical exam, you are now the Qualified Individual.  If the RBC contractor performs specialty services, all required specialty designations shall be obtained. The building classification includes but is not limited to the functions carried out by the following specialties:

§ Billboard/Sign Contracting (BSC)

§ Concrete Contracting (CEM)

§ Commercial Improvement Contracting (CIC)

§ Farm Improvement Contracting (FIC)

§ Home Improvement Contracting (HIC)

§ Landscape Service Contracting (LSC)

§ Marine Facility Contracting (MCC)

§ Masonry Contracting (BRK)

§ Industrialized Building Contracting (IBC)

§ Painting and Wallcovering Contracting (PTC)

§ Recreational Facility Contracting (RFC)

§ Roofing Contracting (ROC)

§ Swimming Pool Construction Contracting (POL)


PSI Residential - Checkout the Candidate Information Bulletin for the RBC Technical Exam 

Where Do I Take The Exam?

Information about taking the test with PSI
You will want to register with PSI and set up your test as soon after taking our class as possible.  Here is a link to PSI and their locations and phone number: PSI LOCATIONS VA
To Register online with PSI Click Here.  From the menu select Jurisdiction: Virginia, Select Account: VA Contractors, Select Classification: VA Contractor Business Exam Class A or B.  If you are taking the BLD portion of the exam you must Select Classification: VA Contractor Specialty Exams for Class A, B and C then select VA Building Technical Contracting.  PSI website is very tricky.  We are not associated with PSI.  If you need help navigating and registering with PSI please call them at 800-733-9267 FREE.

PSI has testing centers in the following cities:

  • Richmond, VA
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Falls Church, VA
  • Mclean, VA
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Salisbury, MD

Want to see what times and dates are available to take your exam? 

Click here:  PSI – Test Center Date and Availability Checker

The PSI Candidate Information Bulletin is the information that will be on the PSI test. 
Click here to download the PSI Candidate information bulletin.

For RBC: Virginia PSI BLD Exam Candidate Information Bulletin
For Class A: Virginia PSI Class A Exam Candidate Information Bulletin

What if I am a new Contractor in Virginia?

If you are a NEW contractor, you will need to take the Virginia 8 hour mandatory Pre License business and law class (BCL) – you can complete that requirement online with BCL ONLINE COURSE.  You can take that course online either before or after you take the exam prep class with us.  Existing class C or B contractors who are upgrading their license to Class B or Class A do not need to take the BCL course.  Only newly licensed contractors need to take that class.  You will need to have that course completed before you send in your application for a license.  Remember: You can’t just apply for a Class C license, you have to also apply for a technical exam such as the BLD.

Applying for your License at Virginia DPOR:

You can follow this link to apply for your license at DPOR

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