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Virginia Class A/B & RBC -Residential Building Contractor - In Class or Webinar.  Includes Free PreLicense Course - Contractors Institute

Virginia Class A/B & RBC -Residential Building Contractor - In Class or Webinar. Includes Free PreLicense Course

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Virginia Class A / B and RBC Exam Prep Course with Free PreLicense Course 

Exam Prep Class:

This class will prepare you to take the Virginia Class A/B and RBC exams.  We cover all the material that you are allow to bring into the exam.  For the Class A/B: Virginia NASCLA 8th edition and the Virginia USBC manual and for the RBC class: Carpentry and Building Construction, IRC 2012 and VA Safety.  

Class Days and Times:

We offer the Class A/B Exam and RBC Prep Class weekly live in our classroom in Richmond and Via Live Interactive Webinar.  Friday Class A/B - 8:30 am – 12:00 pm and RBC 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm.  You can register online or call us at 804-556-5518

Class A/B and RBC License Requirements:

Virginia requires two licenses to become a contractor: Business / Law and Technical.  This Class A/B license covers the business and law portion and is required by the designated employee or member of responsible management.  There is an 8-hour PreLicence requirement for all new Virginia Contractors.  The same person who takes the PreLicence course must be the same person who takes the Class A/B exams.

Class A – required for all projects in exceeding $120,000 and yearly revenue over &750,000.  The Company must have a $45k minimum net worth

Class B – required for all projects exceeding $10,000 and not more than $120,000 per project, and not to exceed $750,000 in yearly revenue.  The company must have a minimum net worth of $15,000

RBC - you must get permission from DPOR before taking any technical exams.  You will need to send in your application, experience verification form and supporting financial forms and documents.

Exam and Application:

Exams are administered by PSI and can be scheduled online or by calling PSI EXAMINATION SERVICES (800) 733-9267

The Class A exam consists of three parts: Advance, Virginia and General.  The Class B exam consists of just the Virginia and General portions.


Passing Score: 18

48 Minutes to complete this portion.

  1. Regulation of Contractors (7 Items)
  2. Board Rules and Regulations (5 Items)
  3. Building Codes (5 Items)
  4. Transaction Recovery Fund (5 Items)
  5. Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations (2 Items)



Passing Score: 35

100 Minutes to complete this portion.

  1. Business Organization (2 Items)
  2. Estimating and Bidding (10 Items)
  3. Contract Management (10 Items)
  4. Project Management (7 Items)
  5. Risk Management (3 Items)
  6. Safety (5 Items)
  7. Labor Laws (3 Items)
  8. Financial Management (5 Items)
  9. Federal and State Taxes (4 Items)
  10. Lien Laws (1 Item)



Passing Score: 17

60 Minutes to complete this portion.

  1. Estimating and Bidding (1 Item)
  2. Contract Management (4 Items)
  3. Project Management (1 Item)
  4. Risk Management (2 Items)
  5. Safety (2 Items)
  6. Labor Laws (4 Items)
  7. Financial Management (5 Items)
  8. Federal and State Taxes (4 Items)
  9. Lien Laws (1 Item)

The RBC exam -

# of Questions 

Minimum Passing Score 

Time Allowed 


70% (56 correct) 

160 Minutes 

Subject Area 

# of Items 







Windows, Doors, and Skylights 



Decks, Walks, and Ramps 



Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs 

Prints, Plans, and Specifications 

Safety and Employee Protection 

Construction Debris, Cleanup and Disposal 




You may take the VIRGINIA NASCLA Manual 8th edition and the Virginia USBC into the exam with you.

We sell the Virginia Class A/B & RBC Book Bundle and it includes the Class A - Virginia NASCLA and Virginia USBC and the RBC  - Carpentry and Building Construction and VA Safety.  This also includes manuals, tabs, practice test and study guide.


Additional Courses:

Every new Virginia Contractor needs to take the Virginia PreLicense Course

We also offer the following Technical Exams:  CBC Exam Prep Class ,  Highway Heavy Exam Prep Class , 12-State NASCLA Exam Prep Class

ATTENTION - When you purchase this package, you get the $89.00 PreLicense Course for Free!

Please click on the link to purchase the text books: Virginia Class A/B and RBC Book Bundle

You can also visit our Virginia Class A/B & RBC Class and CBC Class page for more information on the course, the test and the books.  We also offer the Virginia Highway Heavy Class.

Our Virginia Page has more information about the exam, PSI and taking the test.   Make sure that you add the Tabs and Study Guide below!