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Virginia Home Inspector NRS Specialty Designation 8 Hour Course Online PreRecorded - Contractor Training Center

Virginia Home Inspector NRS Specialty Designation 8 Hour Course Online PreRecorded

This is the Virginia 8 Hour New Residential Construction course that is mandatory for the NRS Home Inspector Designation

This is the course for the NRS - New Residential Structure specialty designation from the State of Virginia DPOR for Home Inspectors

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It presents the regulations and practices that govern the Virginia Home Inspectors.  This course covers the prohibited acts of NRS Inspectors as governed by DPOR and VA code. You must have taken an 8 Hour NRS PreLicense course in order to get the NRS Speciality Designation.

We offer this course in-class, live streaming and online prerecorded.  You can take any version of this class and get a certificate of completion.  You will receive a certificate of completion in your email upon completion of the course.

FROM DPOR: The Board for Asbestos, Lead, and Home Inspectors (Board) considered public comments on the draft changes to the Home Inspector Regulations to transition from certification to licensing, along with the new training program requirements for pre-license education and the NRS training module.  On February 9th, the Board made final changes based on comments received and adopted the final text.  The regulations will be effective in two stages.  On March 6, 2017, the first filing – which includes all education and training approval regulations – will be published in the Virginia Register of Regulations The provisions for approval of pre-license education courses and NRS training modules will be effective April 17, 2017 Pre-license education and NRS training providers who wish to seek approval will be able to access the application on the Board’s website at the beginning of April, so that the applications can be submitted as early as April 17, 2017.  The Board’s goal is to have education and training providers approved and offering courses by the effective date of home inspector licensing, July 1, 2017.  (Note:  Retroactive approval is permitted upon request and contingent on the education course or training module meeting all of the Board’s requirements at the time the course/training was offered.)

The second filing, which includes all other changes necessary to transition home inspector regulation from certification to licensing, will be published on March 20, 2017 By law, these regulations will not be effective until July 1, 2017.