How the NASCLA Electrical Contractor Exam Prep Helps You Get Your Electrical Contractor’s License

How the NASCLA Electrical Contractor Exam Prep Helps You Get Your Electrical Contractor’s License

Don’t leave NASCLA Electrical Contractor Exam prep out of your journey to being an electrician. The first step toward starting a successful electrician business is getting a contractor's license. Most states require contractors seeking an electrical contractor license to take their state exams. For contractors looking to work in various states, taking multiple exams for each state can be challenging and time-consuming. In addition, with the fees required per exam, experienced contractors moving to new states may find the need to sit for state exams expensive.

Fortunately, there is a way out of taking state Electrical Licensing Exams. The NASCLA Electrical Examination Program helps you avoid taking multiple state exams if you wish to get licensed in multiple jurisdictions. In addition, once you take an NASCLA Electrical Exam, you can apply to other accepting states for the corresponding license without taking their state licensing exam.

Benefits of the NASCLA Accredited Electrical Examination Program

The NASCLA Electrical Examination Program is designed to meet the regulatory needs of agencies nationwide and improve the quality of licensing exams for electricians. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Easy Mobility

Once you take and pass the NASCLA Electrical Contractor Exam, you can access your transcripts on their database and send them electronically to jurisdictions accepting the exam. This process reduces the redundant licensing requirements and allows contractors to cross borders from one state to another without retaking multiple electrical exams required by such states.
Electricians can cross borders to help during natural disasters or meet the rising demand for electricians in some states because of increased mobility.

2. Flexible Method of Taking the Exam

You can take the exam online using your computer. You'll receive an introductory tutorial before the exam begins. Alternatively, you can take the exam on-site. In this case, you need to select your testing provider and contact them to schedule and pay for the exam.

3. Reduces Resources Used

Taking the NASCLA Electrical Exam saves you money, time, and stress from traveling to take multiple exams in different states. In addition, it allows you to focus on only passing one trade-specific exam that many states accept.

Administering and Accepting State Agencies for the NASCLA Electrical Exam

NASCLA, in partnership with participating agencies, has created a nationally accepted and accredited trade exam for electrical contractor license applicants. However, the exams are only available through participating state agencies:

What Categories Does the NASCLA Exam Cover?

Journeyman Electricians
This refers to individuals with adequate knowledge and skill to install, maintain, and repair electrical work while conforming to the set codes and standards.

Residential Electricians
This refers to individuals competent enough to install, service, repair, and maintain electrical work in a permanent house or residence.

Master/Unlimited Electricians
This category covers individuals whose business involves installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical work according to acceptable standards and codes.

All electricians need to meet other regulations specific to each state before licensing. Such requirements include submitting a license application and taking a business law exam for that state. Ultimately, the NASCLA electrical exam is not a national license, but a shared exam standard.

What Do You Need for the NASCLA Electrical Contractor Exam Prep?

You need reference manuals that don't have any handwritten notes. This is because the exam is open-book. However, you can use manuals that have underlined or highlighted content.

You also need tabs to easily mark those sections of the reference manual that are commonly used. Since the exam is timed, flipping through the pages wastes time.

Final Thoughts on NASCLA Electrical Contractor Exam Prep

Since obtaining a contractor's license is difficult, Contractor Training Center has simplified the process by using effective study techniques and many resources to help set you up for the main exam. Feel free to reach us for more insight regarding this NASCLA Electrical Contractor Exam Prep program, and sign up for one of our NASCLA Electrical Contractor Exam Prep Courses today!

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