What You Need to Know Before Submitting a DPOR Contractor License Application

Virginia Contractor License Application to DPOR

Every contractor requires relevant certifications and licenses to perform contracting services. A DPOR contractor's license is among the licenses legally required for any individual or business that performs construction work with a value of over $1,000 within the state of Virginia. However, applying for the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) contractor's license can be quite challenging.

Applicants need to provide several supporting documents and fees, a process that requires a lot of time and can get tedious. However, contractors from the State of Virginia can find a reprieve from the DPOR Contractor License Application process.

Submitting Your DPOR Contractor License Application

Virginia contractor license applicants can simplify the application process by seeking the help of our Virginia Licensing Specialists through our Contractor License Application Processing Service. Our specialists help ensure that your DPOR contractor license application gets approved on the first attempt.

DPOR estimates they reject about 60% of initial license application attempts for contractor license applicants. This is because they require many supporting documents and items like CPA audited financials, proof of insurance, surety bonds, and proof of experience. Small errors and discrepancies within any one of these documents will lead to an automatic rejection of your entire application.

Mistakes That Can Cause an Application Denial

The DPOR Contractor License application process requires you to provide various supporting documents. However, regardless of providing these documents, your application may still get rejected. Here are some mistakes that can cause a denial of an application.

1. Failure to Disclose Any Conviction for Crimes Like Felony or Misdemeanor

By law, you are obligated to provide this information. In addition, the regulatory board will review your criminal history as part of the license application review. So, failure to provide documents on your criminal history may lead to denial.

However, you may still attach your criminal records documents and get denied. Although denial is not absolute, the regulatory board may deny your application based on your criminal history. This happens when your prior criminal conviction directly relates to the occupational or professional license you seek. Also, if the board finds you unsuited or unfit to engage in contracting services in your profession of choice based on the available information, they may still deny your application.

2. Submitting an Incomplete Application

If you leave any fields in the application blank, your application may be deemed incomplete and thus denied. Also, if you do not provide all the supporting documents required, the regulatory board may find your application incomplete and reject it.

3. Errors and Discrepancies Within the Supporting Documents

The regulatory board is hawk-eyed and is keen enough to notice errors and discrepancies within your supporting documents. Their thorough review process will identify mistakes such as inconsistencies in your name or company's name and address in the documents. Such mistakes may lead to the denial of your application.

Even more, discrepancies between documents, such as changes in company or employee names or conflicting dates on supporting pages of documents can cause them to be denied if there are not additional supporting documents explaining the changes.

When you utilize our Application Processing Service, the chances of submitting an application with these mistakes are minimal. Our specialists review your application and walk you through the entire application process to ensure you fill all the relevant fields in the application form and attach all the necessary supporting documents, ensuring they are error-free.

Our specialists also submit your application to DPOR employees in person, guaranteeing its timely arrival! Additionally, our application assistance service clients have an over 95% first-time acceptance rate for Virginia license applicants that use our application processing service.

In addition, you need to pay a fee of between $235 and $385 for the DPOR contractor license application. Multiple DPOR license applications can be extremely expensive with these figures in mind. Since you need this license, you will still keep applying. After spending your hard-earned money and time on reapplications, there is still no guarantee of acceptance if you apply alone. That is why you need our application processing service for a higher acceptance rate.

Key Takeaway

You no longer have to struggle with the DPOR contractor license application process! Instead, get expert help on your license application today with the Contractor Training Center's Application Processing Service and let a state licensing expert ensure your application is complete and correct before you spend your hard-earned money on application submission fees.

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