How to Finish Your Contractor Courses on Time

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If you’ve chosen to enroll in contractor licensing courses, you want to make sure you get the most for your money. But that means not only enrolling in high-quality courses, but also making sure you uphold your end of the bargain by completing the courses on time. To hold yourself accountable and ensure that you complete your contractor courses on time, follow these 4 tips.

1. Figure Out the Test Date

The ultimate deadline for when you need to complete your contractor courses will be your exam date. If you are studying for your first contractor license, you might have some flexibility to choose when you want to take the exam. But if you have to renew your license and need to take courses as a refresher, and you are already working on a contract, then you might need to take the exam at a specific date before your license expires.
Figure out when you need to take the exam, and if you have the flexibility, choose a date far enough in advance that you have time to complete a course and study and refresh your memory the week leading up to the exam.
Once you figure out your exam date, you can set date for the week before the exam as the time for when you need to have your courses completed. Then you can work backward from there and divide up the time in days, weeks, or months to determine how much time you have to complete the courses.

2. Break Down Your Studying Time into Units

How you break down your studying time will determine how successful you are at completing your courses on time. But your studying time will also depend on the structure of the course. If you have a self-directed course in which you are free to study at your leisure, then just use the exam date as the end goal and divide up the weeks or months between now and that date to evenly distribute the study time.
If you are enrolled in a directed course—whether that’s an in-class or live webinar style—your course schedule will be a little less flexible. You’ll need to figure out how to work that course into your schedule while still having enough time after the course is complete to refresh your memory before the exam.

3. Subdivide Your Study Time to Accommodate Your Schedule

It’s to be expected that many people studying for a contracting license probably already have jobs, and many work full-time. If that happens to be your situation, write down your weekly schedule to determine how much time you’ll have available to study each week. Your weekly schedule should account for work hours, hours spent for meals, hours spent with kids, going to the gym, etc. Leave yourself some leeway if you can for hours to spend on leisure too. You don’t want to get burned out from working and studying all the time.
Spending this much time on figuring out your study schedule may seem tedious, but it’s actually good training for when you are a contractor someday. There are common scheduling mistakes that even seasoned contractors make sometimes. But to be successful as a general contractor, for instance, you’ll need to know how to create schedules months in advance. Figuring out a schedule that will allow you to complete courses on time is a great opportunity to train for estimating the scope of a project.

4. Be Persistent and Consistent

To finish your contractor courses on time, you’ll need to be both persistent and consistent. Persistence is key because studying for a license of that caliber can feel overwhelming at times. It’s important to keep the brass ring in mind and not let the studying discourage you. Consistency is also important. It’s too easy to let studying slide for one day, and then another day, until suddenly you end up weeks behind. By sticking to your pre-set schedule, you’ll prevent yourself from slacking off on your studies.
At Contractor’s Institute, we aim to provide the keys to success for contractor licensing. Our courses are structured to accommodate your schedule and learning style, with offers of in-person course and live webinars. Contact us today to enroll in contractor licensing courses and to ensure you pass your exam with flying colors.

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