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Do I need to complete RCE in Tennessee?

Tennessee Contractor RCE is required for licenses issued after January 1, 2009 with a Residential building classification as follows: BC-A; BC-A/r; and those with a combination BC-A,b (sm) license classification.

Note: If a new QA was designated after January 1, 2009, but the original date of the license was prior to that date, RCE would not be required since the requirement is determined by the original license issue date.

Who needs to complete Continuing Education in Louisiana?

Contractors with the residential building license classification must complete 6 years of CE each calendar year to maintain their license.

If the residential building contractor also holds a valid, current commercial license in one or more of the major classifications of 1) Building Construction; 2) Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction; 3) Heavy Construction; 4) or Municipal and Public Works Construction, the six-hour requirement is considered to have been met.

There are no continuing education requirements for commercial, mold, or home improvement contractors/registrants (as of 2023).

Can I renew a Louisiana Contractor's License that has expired?

The LSLBC does not allow licenses that have been expired for one year (365 days) to be renewed. If a license has been expired for a year or longer, the contractor must re-apply for a new license.

If the license is less than one year expired, it can be renewed at the discretion of the LSLBC, but there may be additional fees to renew the license.

How much does it cost to apply for a license?

The total fee for a general contractor's license is around $655. This cost includes the category license fee ($500), application fee ($70), endorsement fee ($25), and technology fee ($59.50). 

You'll also need to pay for your home improvement salesperson license, which comes out at $154. Note that these are only the costs for applying and obtaining your license and don't include any preparation materials.

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