Contractors License in New Mexico

Any construction that is done is regulated by New Mexico. If anyone wishes to engage in any activity related to construction or contracting in the state of New Mexico, they must be licensed. General construction work, LP gas, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical are all included with this. Activities that are under the category of contracting within New Mexico are defined within Construction Industries Licensing Act, NMSA 1978.

Construction contractors must be licensed in New Mexico.

How to Obtain a New Mexico Contractor License

To obtain an application, contact:

Construction Industries Division
Regulation and Licensing Department

The application packet should include:

  1. Complete Contractor License application
  2. Copy of exam score report showing passing scores for Business & Law and Trades exams
  3. Proof of Financial responsibility:  Bond
  4. Proof of current New Mexico Tax ID number
  5. If a Corporation or LLC:  Proof of PRC registration
  6. If a partnership:  Proof of registration with the New Mexico Secretary of State
  7. Self-addressed stamped envelope (to return your application materials if your application is rejected or to send your new license if your application has been accepted

Exam, Experience, or Education Requirements for Contractor License: Are There any in New Mexico?

Yes. The Business and Law examination is a requirement, along with the Trade exams that may be required. The examinations are given by the PSI. To obtain more information on any of the exams, or if you would like to submit an application for an exam, refer to:


There are some trades in which you will need 2-4 years of experience

Contractor Continued Education: Is it Required in New Mexico?

No, not currently. The renewal process is every 3 years, and it’s on the 15th of the month that it was issued.

NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor License: Is it Accepted in New Mexico?


General Contractor Commercial Contractor Licensure: Does New Mexico Require This?


Residential Building Contractor Part 1 Examination

  • # of Questions: 80
  • % Required to Pass: 75% (60 points)
  • Time Allowed: 225 Minutes


Subject Area # of Items
Site work, Footings, and Foundations 9
Concrete and Concrete Reinforcement 9
Masonry 6
Carpentry 12
Roofing 10
Associated Trades 12
General Code, Plan Reading, and Estimating 14
OSHA Safety 8

General Building Contractor Part 2 Examination

  • # of Questions: 100
  • % Required to Pass: 75% (75 points)
  • Time Allowed: 310 Minutes


Subject Area # of Items
Site work, Footings, and Foundations 10
Concrete and Concrete Reinforcement 15
Masonry 10
Carpentry 6
Metals 10
Roofing 6
Associated Trades 10
General Code, Plan Reading, and Estimating 27
OSHA Safety 6

Where can I get the books?

You can get the Books at Contractors Seminars –

New Mexico Building Contractor Books

New Mexico Residential Contractor Books

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