Arizona B-1 General Contractor Exam Prep Courses & Reference Materials

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Overview & Benefits

The right resources and exam prep services

If you're looking to become a licensed general contractor in the state of Arizona, you've come to the right place. At Contractor Training Center, we have exam prep and license application assistance services to ensure you're on the right path to meet your career goals.

In Arizona, general contractor license applicants can take one of two exams: the Arizona B-1 General Contractor Exam or the National NASCLA Commercial Builder Exam. While both of these exams are accepted by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors for General Contractor licensure, there are important differences between each available exam option. From complexity of the exam and references allowed into each test to the accepting agencies and reciprocity options for getting additional licenses in other states, it is important to assess your career goals and business needs before making your decision. Luckily, we have state licensing experts who can help you map out a plan to success in a 30-minute Start-Up Consultation.

Once you've chosen your exam path, we can help you prepare for success on test day with our exam prep packages containing reference materials and online instruction from industry experts.

Exam Preparation

What You'll Need to Prepare for the Exam

Exam Prep Course

Our online exam prep course contains book highlighting guides, learning modules, test-taking tips and tricks, practice quizzes, and an exam simulator mirroring the conditions of the real exam at PSI.

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Book Bundle

The Arizona B-1 Exam is partially open-book. While some approved reference manuals may be taken into the exam, others used to formulate exam questions are only listed as suggested study references.

We offer two options for your studies: a book set of references allowed into the exam to only reference books you'll be able to reference on test day, and a full set with additional supplemental study references if you want to brush up on your general contracting knowledge.

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In your timed open-book exam, flipping through pages searching for an answer can waste valuable time. Our exam prep tabs help mark important sections of each book to help you locate the answer you're looking for so you can move onto other questions and finish the exam with time to spare!

Any tabs placed in books brought into the testing center must use permanent adhesive. Our exam prep tabs are approved for use in exam references; DIY tabs such as post-its or removable flag notes will not be accepted into the exam.

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License Requirements

Requirements for B-1 Contractor Applicants

aA B-1 General Commercial Contractor is licensed to construct, alter, and repair in connection with any structure built, being built, or to be built for the support, shelter, and enclosure of persons, animals, or movable property of any kind.

To qualify for a license, an individual or business (Partnership, LLC, or Corporation) must be registered and in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission. An individual from the entity must possess at least 4 years of working experience in Building Construction and pass both the Arizona SRE (Statutes and Rules Examination) online from the Arizona ROC and pass a licensing exam (Arizona ROC B-1 Exam or NASCLA Commercial Builder Exam).

When submitting a license application to the board, the individual or entity must submit passing exam scores, pass a background check, provide Government ID, submit a completed bond, and pay all applicable fees. While this process can seem daunting at first, our licensing specialists are here to walk you through each step of the process with our application assistance services! Or, get started today with a refundable $79 Start-Up Consultation instead.