Virginia Commercial Building Contractor CBC License

The CBC Exam Prep class will help you pass the CBTC Exam in Virginia.  


Scope of Work: 18 VAC 50-22-20 of the Board for Contractors Rules and Regulations defines Commercial Building Technical Contractors (Abbr: CBTC) as those individuals whose contracts include “construction, remodeling, repair, improvement, removal, or demolition on real property owned, controlled, or leased by another person of commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and accessory use buildings or structures”. The CBTC classification does not provide for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, or gas fitting services and does not allow construction, repair, or improvement, of dwellings and townhouses (as defined in the USBC). If the CBTC performs specialty services, all required specialty designations shall be obtained. The commercial building classification includes but is not limited to the functions carried out by the following specialties: Billboard/sign contracting, Commercial improvement contracting, Concrete contracting, Farm improvement contracting,  Industrialized building contracting, Landscape service contracting, Marine facility contracting, Masonry contracting, Painting and wall covering contracting, Recreational facility contracting, Roofing contracting, Swimming pool contracting.

# of Questions                      Minimum Passing Score                    Time Allowed

         80                                                  70% (56 correct)                          180 Minutes


Subject Area                                                                          # of Items

Site Work                                                                                      8
Concrete including Reinforcement                                               9
Masonry                                                                                        9
Metals                                                                                           9
Carpentry                                                                                      9
Thermal and Moisture Protection                                                 8
Associated Trades Finishes including Drywall Metal Stud Framing Insulation and Moisture Control Doors, Windows, and Glazing                                                      7
Safety                                                                                            7
Estimating and Plan Reading                                                        8
General Building Code Requirements Life Safety and Egress Accessibility Fire Protection Requirements General Code Provisions                                      6

  • Effective 2/24/16 the new Commercial Building Contractor examination will go live. Click here for a copy of Commercial Building Contractor Candidate Information Bulletin.
  • In the interim if you want to apply for the Commercial Building Contractor specialty you may take the NASCLA exam at Select Government/State Licensing Agencies and select NASCLA (National Commercial Building Contractor Examination).
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