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Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Contractor in Georgia

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Becoming a contractor in Georgia has a lot of benefits – being your own boss, tax deductions, and much more. Contractors tend to be very high in demand. But how do you take that big step? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about becoming a contractor in Georgia:

What Kind of Experience Do You Need to Become a Contractor?

Contractors use mostly trade knowledge for their work, which is gained through training as an apprentice somewhere working under another professional. During this training time, the apprentice should also be proactively taking courses to learn more about the trade and all of the rules and regulations surrounding it.

In additional to an apprenticeship, somebody interested in becoming a contractor can also go to school to earn a contracting related degree. This could include construction management, science, or engineering. Getting a degree in this (whether it’s an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s level degree) can really expand the possibilities in your career as a contractor. Taking course in construction plans, construction materials, and construction surveying can really deepen your understanding of the field and prepare you for your upcoming career.

When studying to be a contractor, you should learn how to read blueprints as well as safety issues within the workplace. These are both very important aspects of working as a contractor. For more information about what to expect from a course about contracting, visit this article on our Contractors Institute website.


Do You Need to be Certified to Work as a Contractor?

There are definitely certification requirements to take note of if you are looking to become a contractor. Like many other states, you do indeed need a contracting license to work as a contractor in Georgia. Depending on your city and county, there may be additional licenses required.

How Do You Get a License to be a Contractor?

To receive your contractors license, you will need to pass your licensing exams. A Georgia Contractors License requires two exams to be passed: the Construction Exam and the Business and Law exam. This is for residential light commercial, residential, and general contractors. Only one exam is required for electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning contractors. The exam does charge a fee, so you really want to do your best to pass it the first time.

How Can You Prepare for Your License Test?

First of all, figure out what date you are taking the exam on; this way you will know how much time you have to prepare. You will have some flexibility on this date, but after you lock it down you should commit to it. After you know how long you have to study, you can break down your study schedule to make sure you cover all of the necessary topics. Dedicate yourself to understanding every aspect of the trade, because it will be very important later on. Read more about how to finish studying on time on our website.

How Long Does It Take Before You Can Begin Working?

This depends entirely on what route you take on your contracting journey. If you take the route of an independent contractor where you are self-employed, then you can start working as soon as you secure a separate business entity and all of the required licensing. If you begin with an apprenticeship, you could spend as long as three (or more) years learning under the supervision of a professional and another few years in the field before you are ready to go off on your own.

The best way to ensure you start working as a contractor in a timely manner is by preparing for the exam to the best of your ability. At the Contractors Institute website, you won’t feel rushed to cram for your big test. We offer seminars, classes, and practice tests designed to help you succeed as a contractor.

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