A Simple Guide to Passing Your ICC Contractor Exam

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Building credibility in the construction industry starts with passing your ICC contractor exam. It may look unachievable, but success in these tests is all about readiness. Furthermore, it matters a lot where you choose to undertake your training in preparation for the test.

Most training centers are equipped with enough prep books. They also offer practice test questions to familiarize trainees with the actual ICC contractor license exam. Note that, for such a nationally-recognized exam, licensing agencies will only engage you once you pass it.

Below is a simple guide for passing your ICC contractor exam and booking your name on the ICC website as a certified professional.

Gather Necessary Reference Materials

You’re looking forward to sitting for the code council examination, so you need enough reference materials for a comprehensive and stress-free test prep period. While you may possess tons of experience in the construction industry, sitting for the exam may awaken unknown anxiety.

With essential materials and experienced trainers to guide you, you will be more than ready to sit for the exams. You can easily access course materials using a compatible device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Our courses teach important keywords to associate with reference materials so you can quickly reference your materials in the open-book exam. Do not memorize questions. Instead, ascertain that you are well versed with the code book and you will be able to find answers to questions with ease.

Familiarize Yourself With Practice Test Questions

Go through practice test questions to know what type of questions to expect in your exam as they mirror the actual ones. You can find practice test questions & answers in our online courses, as well as a real-life simulation exam to give yourself a practice run at the real thing . Also, look up information regarding test duration, the total number of questions to expect, books to refer back to, exam content, and more.

Practice tests will also help you get thoroughly familiar with the code books and sections. It's a move that will increase your chances of passing your ICC contractor exam and acquiring the coveted contractor license. The rule of thumb here is to do as many of those mimic test questions as possible.

Prepare Adequately

Do not rush to sign up for the ICC Contractor Exam until you have adequately prepared for it. You may feel that you have gained enough knowledge to sit for the exam, but it pays to take your time. If you fail the ICC Contractor Exam at Pearson VUE or PRONTO, you will have to pay registration fees for each additional attempt until you pass.

To ensure that you excel and get the certification number, set aside ample time to lay the groundwork for the exam. Make sure you complete your studies at your institution of choice. If your instructor is rushing the content, ask them to slow down until you grasp everything.

Plan for Examination Day

After mastering enough content and knowledge to enable you to pass the National ICC Contractor Exam, you should now prepare yourself for test day. Get to know which books and additional equipment (such as calculators, scrap paper, etc.) you will use and what items you can or can't bring in the exam room. Additionally, understand what you'll need to do during and after the examination. Getting acquainted with all the details of the material day relieves you of tension and anxiety during the exam, enabling you to comfortably write your test.

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