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Overview & Benefits

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The International Code Council’s Contractor/Trades examination program is an independent testing program designed to provide licensing agencies with information regarding qualified contractors and trades professionals. Participating in the Code Council examination program does not guarantee that a licensing agency will award you a license. However, the Code Council examination program serves as an independent appraisal of your competency in the construction field, and your test results may be used by licensing agencies to satisfy the requirements for testing.

The Benefits of Taking an ICC Examination
Gives You Credibility

Passing an ICC National Standard Contractor Licensing Exam communicates to your clients and colleagues that you take your work seriously and are dedicated to becoming a professional in your industry. Once you pass an exam and meet other local jurisdiction requirements, you will be able to take on larger projects. Your clients will also trust your services when they see that you are a licensed professional. Earning a license will create more opportunities for career advancement and provide you with professional recognition by validating your technical expertise. This will make you and your business more marketable. 

Gives You A Higher Earning Potential

The ability to complete large projects will exponentially increase your income. Your expertise in the construction of buildings and the various codes will increase the value you bring to a project. 

Clients are also willing to pay a higher price for a licensed contractor instead of an unlicensed contractor. Getting your license will make your business more valuable and provide you with a higher earning potential.

What You Can Expect

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This page will provide you with information about the ICC National Standard Contractor Licensing Exams. We can help you get licensed in your ICC accepting state or jurisdiction. We will walk you through the steps of passing your exams and obtaining your license. We will provide an overview of the different exams we provide exam prep for and offer additional resources to make the process of getting your license as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to jumpstart your career in construction!

Exam Preparation

What you'll need to prepare for the exam

The ICC National Standard exams are open-book. The approved references for each exam differ based on code year and which exam you are taking:

  1. For the ICC F11, F12, and F13 exams, the 2015 edition of the code books are used
  2. For the ICC G11, G12, and G13 exams, the 2018 edition of the code books are used.

F-Series Exam Prep

We offer exam prep and reference materials for the ICC F11, F12, and F13 exams. Click the appropriate link below to visit the page for your exam and find information about what you will need to be prepared!

G-Series Exam Prep

We also offer exam prep and reference materials for the ICC G11, G12, and G13 exams. Click the appropriate link below to visit the page for your exam and find information about what you will need to prepare!

License Requirements

Steps to obtaining your license

The International Code Council is not a licensing agency. In order to become licensed in a state or jurisdiction that participates with the ICC, the jurisdiction will require you to pass a Code Council examination. Upon successful completion of your exam, you will need to contact your jurisdiction for any other requirements to become licensed.

What States Accept ICC Exams? 

Some cities and counties within Louisiana, Colorado, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Wyoming require license applicants to pass ICC National Standard Licensing Exams to obtain a license. 

License Scopes
National Standard General Building Contractor A (ICC F11/G11) 

This license enables you to construct, repair, or remodel any building or its additions, no matter the size and scope.

National Standard Building Contractor B (ICC F12/G12)

This license allows you to construct, repair, or remodel commercial buildings and single or multi-dwelling buildings, not exceeding three stories.

National Standard Residential Building Contractor C (ICC F13/G13) 

With this license, you can construct, repair, or remodel residential buildings up to two stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the licensing process

Do I have a license in all accepting states/cities after I pass the exam?

No, you are not licensed in any accepting jurisdiction until you apply for licensure to the regulatory authority for that municipality. To obtain a license, applicants need to meet varying criteria including experience, insurance, and financial requirements.

Some cities offer reciprocity with other ICC Exam accepting jurisdictions. To find municipalities your city has reciprocal agreements with, reach out to your local regulatory authority for more information.

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