How a Mold Certification Can Benefit Florida Contractors

A Florida general contractor with mold certification removing toxic mold

Florida features a humid and moist environment coupled with severe weather conditions. This means that mold reproduction is a common problem in many residential homes and business places in Florida.

Mold can deface structures or even damage them in extreme mold intrusion cases. Inhalation of mold or touching surfaces affected by mold can also compromise people’s health. These are some of the reasons why mold services have a vast market in Florida.

Benefits of Obtaining Education and Certification in Mold Services in Florida

Becoming a mold assessor or remediator is an excellent profession for any contractor in Florida. Here are more detailed benefits accruing from mold training or mold certification for the contractors in Florida:

1. Extra Sources of Revenue

Incorporating mold services in your business offerings will provide you with an added source of income in a long-lasting business avenue. Mold services provide a continuous income stream for any business due to the constant demand for these services in Florida.

2. More Business Doors

The certification will give you access to more business opportunities as you offer your mold assessment or remediation services. For example, you can provide mold services to a client and end up getting another job from the same client, such as putting up their fence.

3. A Ready Market

The severe weather conditions in Florida offer a conducive environment for mold reproduction. This means that the demand for mold services is high every year, so any contractor offering mold services can continually reap from this market.

4. Better Living Conditions for People

Mold can compromise people’s health, especially children, the elderly, and those with allergies and respiratory problems. Mold handling skills and certification will enable you to improve the living conditions of your clients. These are the same clients who will then give you more contracts in the future or refer you to other potential clients.

5. Long-Lasting Structures

As a contractor, you wouldn’t want to build a structure today and see it brought down by mold in the next rainy season. Every home or business owner would want structures that last. Mold services improve the lifespan of structures.

As a mold specialist, you will be helping your clients remove mold from their structures and put in place mold prevention mechanisms to sufficiently combat mold intrusion. As a result, you will be contributing to the longevity of the structures. A happy client today will surely give you another contract tomorrow or refer you to a friend!

6. Customer Trust

Not every person can handle matters relating to mold control and prevention. Clients will trust you quickly when you have a mold certification.

Being fully equipped with mold handling skills will increase your confidence as you offer mold services. You can then provide premium mold services, which will make you a highly sought-after contractor.

Offering credible mold services to your clients will also ensure that the structures you build last long, thereby leaving no room for anyone to doubt the integrity of your overall services.

The Key Takeaway

A mold certification and license can provide great value to you as a Florida contractor. Fulfill your C.E. requirement with our 14-Hour Continuing Education (C.E.) Course: Mold Services - FL DBPR #PVD0001502 | Course #0613946. If you enjoy the course and decide to pursue a certification in mold services, we also offer a Florida Mold Services Professional 14-Hour Certification Course - FL MRS PVDR #0080 | Course #0000411 to help you earn a Mold Assessor and Mold Remediator license.

Take our Mold Services Certification Course to meet Florida’s “documented training in water intrusion, mold, and respiratory protection” requirements for Mold Assessor and Mold Remediator license applicants.

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