Promoting Your Construction Business Offline

Contractor Training Center booth at a trade show with branded materials

In our current digital age, it’s easy to assume the only marketing that matters is online marketing. While taking advantage of the reachable prospective customers on the Internet is always a good idea, there’s still validity and promise in maintaining an active offline marketing presence. When you take your interaction with your industry to the streets, you may be surprised by the healthy ROI it generates. Growing your construction firm can’t happen unless people know about you, so let’s take it back to the basics and examine some of the best ways you can promote your construction business offline in the real world.

Make It to a Trade Show

A trade show attracts a large amount of people from one specific niche. When you can get your business in front of the eyes of related companies and interested homeowners, the opportunity to build connections and meet prospective customers is real. Plan your marketing for these events carefully; keep in mind the large amount of other similar vendors that will be there and strategize a way to stand out and attract people to your booth. Be prepared with answers to common questions and have some top points of your company ready to share. Want to make a lasting impression? Send interested visitors home with a piece of branded merchandise and your company card so they don’t forget you easily.

Sponsor an Event

Engaging with the local community is always a great way to build a good reputation without being overly self-advertising. Finding an event happening in your area that your company could sponsor means increasing visibility by however many people attend, not to mention all the people they tell about your company. Sponsoring an event puts your company in an authoritative position and shows that you take your community involvement seriously, two traits that are highly attractive when looking for local services. Further, if the event is big enough it may even get media coverage, which would expand your reach exponentially. Pro Tip: Confirm that your company’s branding will be on any materials from the event including pamphlets, cards, or posters.

Host Your Own Event

If the selection of local events in your area is looking slim, take the reins and host your own! Something that homeowners would find useful, like a workshop or informational session would bring in practical people looking for solutions. These people might even see your company as the solution after hearing the expert-level information you share at the event. But, don’t focus on selling your brand or services here. Focus on making connections, sharing knowledge and showcasing your thought leadership on the subject. The clients will follow.

Create Branded Materials and Merchandise

Branded materials and merchandise are an essential part of brand marketing nowadays. Business cards, pens, tumblers, koozies, jackets, car stickers, magnets, and pins are all commonly branded with a company logo. These items get passed around, used if thoughtfully designed, or worn every day and that kind of subtle but constant branding can end up creating a lasting effect on someone when it comes time to choose a business. Someone might remember using a pen with your company name on it and give you a call when they get a leak in their roof. The good news about merchandise is that is usually is a low-cost investment with a potentially high ROI. Give the merchandise out to your employees and customers for them to spread the word, and hand it out at trade shows and events to inspire potential business.

Steps to Construction Contracting Success

To run a successful construction contracting firm, you’ve got to follow the steps to success. First, study for the contractor license exam and save money by passing it on the first try. The Contractor’s Institute offers contractor’s exam prep courses that will help make this a reality. Next, build a team of people that will support and challenge you to create the best company possible. After that, get the word out about your business and services by marketing yourself wherever possible. While digital marketing can make a splash, don’t forget about getting the word out offline. Lastly, do good work and the customers will follow.

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