Why You Should Become a Mold Remediator in Louisiana

Mold remediator in Louisiana conducting a residential inspection

Mold thrives in moist places. This means that any home or business can be a candidate for mold. Moisture can get into the house through the windows, doors, heating systems, severe weather damage, or even a leaking roof. It is also important to note that even indoor humidity that is higher than normal can cause mold to thrive. This means that mold is a common menace to households and businesses. The services of a mold remediator in Louisiana will always be in demand.

Why You Should Consider a Mold Remediation Business

Any start-up or existing business would be interested in knowing the problems it is coming in to solve and the business idea’s viability. Mold remediation is a business that any construction industry professional can add to their offerings as an additional source of income.

Here are some of the problems you will be solving for your clients in this business:

Health Risks

The extreme weather conditions in Louisiana are one of the reasons mold remediation services are always essential in Louisiana. Too much moisture or extreme heat provides a conducive ground for mold reproduction. Mold inhalation or even touching surfaces infected with mold have been common causes of respiratory problems and allergies in Louisiana. People place great value on their health and readily embrace any worthwhile effort that will help them stay healthy, including mold cleaning and prevention.

Structural Damage

Mold feeds on organic matter such as timber, paper, fabric, or cardboard. The continued growth of mold also damages surfaces, which gradually leads to significant deterioration of the building interiors. Every home or business owner would like long-lasting structures and not structures that are there today and brought down by mold the following season.

The dampness of surfaces during winter can’t be ignored either. Excessive moisture on structures can freeze during winter. The frozen water can then expand, shattering any surrounding surface such as tiles or bricks. This can lead to critical damage, especially if it happens for an extended period. Therefore, as a mold remediator in Louisiana, you will be helping to improve the lifespan of structures, thus minimizing probable losses that could be caused by mold.

Opening Other Business Doors

Incorporating mold remediation in your business will also open more doors for your business. For example, you might provide mold remediation for a client and get a painting job from the same client. Mold remediation gives you with a platform to offer more services.

How Do You Become a Mold Remediator in Louisiana?

To get a remediator license in Louisiana, you will need to sign up for the Louisiana Mold And Assessment 24-Hour Training Course. This course provides an overview of mold and moisture control, clean-up, and prevention mechanisms in commercial buildings or residential homes.

At the end of this course, you will have knowledge in areas such as:

  • Building sciences and the effects of moisture intrusion
  • Fungal growth and basic microbiology
  • Mold and moisture controls
  • Clean-up and prevention mechanisms
  • Respiratory protection and workplace safety
  • Business practices and workers’ compensation

It is also important to note that to obtain the Mold Remediator License in Louisiana, you will need to submit a license application and complete the LSLBC Business and Law Course.

The Key Takeaway

Adding mold remediation services to your business offerings will allow you to take on more projects and provide a unique service that is valuable to home and business owners in Louisiana. Our course fulfills the 24-hour training requirement for candidates seeking to obtain a Mold Remediator license in LA. Sign up today.

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