Why You Need to Take the National NASCLA Commercial General Building Exam Today

Licensed commercial contractor getting more work after passing the National NASCLA Commercial General Building Exam

Are you a contractor looking to expand your business? Do you feel ready to take on larger projects, build your brand, and make more money? First, you need to get a NASCLA-accredited license to grant you access to work in 16 states. Getting your license may sound intimidating, but it is easier than you think. It all begins with taking the National NASCLA Commercial General Building Exam.

The NASCLA Exam Program is designed to help contractors who need licensing in multiple jurisdictions. Sixteen states accept the NASCLA-accredited license for commercial construction.

What Is the Purpose of the National NASCLA Commercial General Building Exam?

NASCLA has created the exam to improve the quality of contractors in the market and enable their mobility across jurisdictions. It is the first step for a contractor to get a national contractor’s license.

The Value of the National NASCLA Commercial General Building Exam

1. It Saves the Contractor Time and Money

NASCLA allows contractors to sit for a single exam that will enable them to become licensed and recognized in multiple states at once. The exam is recognized in 16 states, saving you the hassle of sitting for a different exam for each state you would love to work in. All you need is to pass the exam and become a licensed contractor. It also saves you money because you only need to pay for one exam instead of each state’s trade exam.

2. It Enables Contractors to Expand Their Businesses

The recognition of the exam in multiple states is a surefire way for any contractor to expand their business. Being recognized in 16 states means you can easily take on more projects from various accepting states and have a work overflow.

3. The Exam Builds a Contractor’s Credibility With Clients

Passing the NASCLA Commercial Building exam ensures you get a contractor’s license. When seeking jobs, potential clients will need to see your license. This license will be proof of competence on your side. It will also show them you are well trained and knowledgeable in commercial construction. The license will increase your chances of consideration when you apply for jobs.

4. It Allows You to Become a Certified Contractor

When you’re a certified contractor, you are at liberty to work in your state of choice among the accepting states, which differentiates you from registered contractors. Registered contractors cannot work just anywhere because they may not have sat for that state’s exam. This means they have to register in every state they want to work in.

5. It Earns You a Spot in the Online Contractor License Directory

When you pass and get licensed, you earn a spot in this directory. As potential clients search the contractor license directory for commercial building contractors, your name will be among the search results they get. Some license directories also allow clients to search by company name, individual name, or license type. So having your name in the online contractor license directory is excellent for building your credibility.

6. It Helps Build Your Brand

When you have built credibility with potential clients, you are one step closer to building your brand. Clients love competent commercial building contractors, and gaining their trust advances your brand. Brand advancement is a step in the right direction towards becoming an authority in the construction industry.

Which States Recognize the NASCLA Exam?

The following states currently accept NASCLA Commercial Builder Exam transcripts in lieu of their state trade exam: Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Oregon, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, and the U.S Virgin Islands.

The Bottom Line

Contractor Training Center provides exam prep courses for contractors. Since 2000, we have provided coaching and licensing help for contractors. Qualified instructors teach our exam prep courses. They have vast teaching experience and also have comprehensive backgrounds in the construction industry.

We offer pre-recorded and live classes and have a no-fail guarantee for the National NASCLA Commercial General Building Exam prep course, with personalized study programs for students who fail the first time. Take our National NASCLA exam prep course to help you prepare for your exam.

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