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Overview & Benefits

Alabama Business Law Exam Prep Services & Materials

We offer everything you need to prepare for the Alabama General Contractor Business Law Exam, required for all Alabama General Contractor license applicants.

To prepare for the Alabama Business Law Exam, you will need the required reference manual and tabs as well as our exam prep course. We also give the option to purchase a pre-tabbed and highlighted reference manual, saving you valuable hours of highlighting the information within the book yourself.

The Alabama General Contractor Exam is required for any Prime Contractor applicant.

Applicants are required to receive approval from the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors before they can schedule an exam with PSI.

You can find the Alabama General Contractor Prime application here.

Please note the application has to be on file 30 days prior to a Board meeting which are held quarterly. 

What's on the Exam?

Get a strong start in building your career

# of Questions Minimum Passing Score Time Allowed
50 35 (70%) 120 minutes
Subject Area # of questions
Licensing 8
Estimating and Bidding 5
Liens 2
Financial 5
Payroll and Taxes 6
Personnel and Labor 5
Project Management 3
Contracts 6
Business Organization 2
Risk Management 4
Safety Recordkeeping and Environmental 4

You can also refer to the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin here for more information on testing policies.

Exam Preparation

What you'll need to prepare for the exam

Exam Prep Course

Our Business Law Exam Prep course is available in three options: live in-person, live-streamed via webinar, and online pre-recorded. Live courses are held every Tuesday from 3:00 - 6:30 pm ET. Our classroom is located in Richmond, Virginia, or you can join us anywhere via live interactive webinar.

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Book Bundle

The Alabama General Contractor Business Law exam is open-book. You may bring the approved reference manuals inside the exam. We offer the NASCLA Contractor's Guide to Business, Law and Project Management reference manual you will need to prepare for the exam.

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Our Alabama Business Law exam prep tabs help mark the commonly referenced sections of the books used in the exam. Don't waste time flipping through your books in the timed exam - our tabs help you to be able to quickly reference important material in your books and move on to the next question without wasting valuable time.

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