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Exam Preparation

Preparing for Alabama Electrical Contractor Exams

When deciding to apply for an Electrical Contractor's license in Alabama, applicants are presented with multiple license and examination options, including the following:

Journeyman Electrical Contractor License Exams, including the Alabama Journeyman Electrician Exam and the National NASCLA Exam for Journeyman Electricians

Master Electrical Contractor License Exams, including the Alabama Electrical Contractor Exam and the National NASCLA Exam for Master/Unlimited Electrical Contractors

Alabama Electrical Contractor Business and Law Exam, required for license applicants in addition to the technical exams listed above

Alabama Electrical Licensing Requirements

Journeyman and Master Electrical Contractor applicants must fulfill different experience and exam requirements.

While 8,000 hours of work experience is required for either license type, Master electricians must have 8,000 hours of direct supervision work, while Journeyman applicants can fulfill requirements with work performed under another electrician.

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