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Florida Building Inspector and Plans Examiner Exam Prep Services & Materials

The Florida Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board (BCAIB) requires Building Inspectors and Plans Examiners to take and pass several exams in order to obtain a license. The exams required in order to obtain a license include the following:

  • Florida Principles and Practice Exam (all applicants)
  • Technical Building Inspector Exam (Building Inspector applicants)
  • Plans Examiner Exam (Plans Reviewer applicants)
Preparing for Florida Building Inspector and Plans Examiner Exams

To obtain a Building Inspector or Plans Examiner/Plans Reviewer license in Florida, you will need to prepare for the licensing exams covering trade knowledge and state regulations. At Contractor Training Center, we offer online exam prep courses and practice tests alongside reference materials to supply you with all the resources necessary to pass these exams.

What's on the Exam?

Get a strong start in building your career

Florida Building Inspectors and Plans Examiners are required to take two exams for licensure: a Principles and Practices exam and a Technical exam.

Principles and Practices Licensure Exam Content Overview

The Principles and Practices Exam is required for all Florida BCIAB Building Inspector and Plans Examiner license applicants.

Subject Area # of Questions % of Content
Building Construction Standards 13 26
Contracting 5 10
Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board 22 44
Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture  5 10
Flood Insurance Regulation and Coastal Zone Protection 1 2
Motor Vehicle License 1 2
Worker’s Compensation, Chapter 440, F.S.  1 2
Construction Liens, Chapter 713, Part I, F.S.  2 4

Exam Preparation

What you'll need to prepare for the exam

Contractor Training Center has everything required to prepare for BCIAB Exams. From Exam Prep Courses with practice tests to tabbed and highlighted book bundles with reference manuals allowed into the exam, we have everything you need to prepare for the exam and pass with flying colors!

Exam Prep Course

Our Florida Principles and Practices Exam Prep Course and our Building Inspector/Plans Examiner Technical Exam Prep Course both include access to online learning modules, practice exams, book highlighting guides, and more!

Book Bundle

We offer exam prep reference materials including the allowed books for use in the exam and tab sets to mark important sections of each book as well as exam-ready pre-tabbed and highlighted books to save hours of preparing the books on your own!

You can purchase a complete book package for both exams at the link here.


Our custom exam prep tabs are pre-printed with commonly referenced sections of books used in the timed exam. These tabs will allow you to locate answers in books quickly, saving you valuable time when it matters most.

You can purchase our exam prep tab set at the link below, or purchase our pre-tabbed and highlighted book bundle with these tabs and our exam prep highlights already applied in each book.