Florida Mold Services Professional Certification

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Obtaining a Mold Remediator/mold Assessor License in Florida

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you have thought about launching your own mold remediation or assessment business—and we want to congratulate you! The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) regulates and licenses Mold Related Services Professionals.

New Mold Assessor/Remediator license applicants are required to complete 'documented training on water intrusion, mold, and respiratory protection.' This training program fulfills the training requirement for new applicants, as well as offering continuing education credit to licensed contractors that complete the online course. The course combines damage restoration protocols & mold remediation industry standards in a comprehensive training course and verifies retention of the material by requiring an end-of-course examination.

Contractor Training Center has researched these industry protocols, standards, and publications and has prepared its own private industry certification, the Contractor Training Center Florida Mold Services Professional certification course. This comprehensive 14-hour training course builds upon a contractors existing knowledge within the construction industry and explains the industry protocols needed to perform mold remediation for structures and contents, cleaning & containment procedures, safety protocols, and PPE used in different remediation situations, and providing the background and science behind mold growth including the prevention of cross-contamination and avoiding additional mold growth.