Is an ICC National Standard Contractor License Worth It?

General contractor studying for the  ICC National Standard Contractor license

Your work in the construction industry is contingent on a lot of factors. The experience and expertise you gain working in the field are invaluable. However, there's more you can do to attain greater heights: obtaining licensing and certifications, like the ICC National Standard Contractor license.

The most important certification you will ever gain as a contractor is from the International Code Council or ICC. The ICC is a body known for developing building codes and standards in use across the United States, including your city or county.

What exactly will you be getting with ICC National Standard Contractor licensing, and why do you need it? Let's find out.

What Is an ICC National Standard Contractor Certification?

The construction of buildings has become a highly technical and specialized field. Each area of construction is governed by the various codes and standards adopted by the jurisdiction you hope to work in.
The purpose of licensing is to ensure that you know and understand the parameters defined in the codes and regulations in whichever area you choose to qualify. In this case, the National Standard Contractor License comes at three different levels:

• National Standard General Building Contractor A (ICC F11): This license enables you to construct, repair, or remodel any building or its additions, no matter the size and scope.

• National Standard Building Contractor B (ICC F12): The B license allows you to construct, repair, or remodel commercial buildings along with single or multi-dwelling buildings. The limit is three stories.

• National Standard Residential Building Contractor C (ICC F13): With the C license, you can construct, repair, or remodel residential buildings up to two stories.

There are many more licenses available for contractor and inspector work. But the above three are the most basic for those looking to do general contractor work.

Why Should You Get a Contractor's License?

If you are looking to grow from your current position to become an industry titan, certifications are the only way to rise through the ranks. Not only that, but they also open different pathways for you. Rather than remaining a general contractor, you may decide to venture into inspectorate work.

Earning the ICC National Standard Contractor license communicates to your clients, both current and future, that you are taking your work seriously. It allows you to build credibility in the industry and strategically position yourself to take on larger jobs.

The certifications also create more opportunities for career advancement. It can provide you with professional recognition by validating your technical expertise. Your search for new jobs or openings will get easier.

How Can You Obtain an ICC National Standard Contractor Certification?

Many local jurisdictions require that license applicants undertake a certification exam in order to get licensed. The most typical certification requirement is taking an ICC National Standard Contractor Exam administered by Pearson VUE/Pronto.

As you get ready for the test, you want to go with a program that has years of experience preparing contractors to handle the exam. We have the requisite exam prep course for the type of certification you want to undertake, whether it's ICC F11, ICC F12, or ICC F13.

Final Thoughts on the ICC National Standard Contractor License

Taking one of the professional certifications offered by the ICC is the first step towards taking your career to the next level. Consider starting with the trades and then working towards the inspector credentials at a later date.
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