Who Needs to Take the Mississippi Law and Business Management Exam?

Man studying for the Mississippi Law and Business Management Exam

In Mississippi, the law limits the commercial and residential projects you can undertake without a contractor's license. Getting this vital document shows that customers can trust you with huge contracts, which is essential for your business. You need to pass your trade exam and the Mississippi law and business management exam among the many other requirements.

To find out more about passing the business and law exam, read on.

Who Needs to Take the Mississippi Law and Business Management Exam?

The exam is a board requirement for all contractor applicants, including construction and heavy construction contractors. But before booking the PSI exam, you need to fill out application forms giving out details about your business. You need to fill in a notarized commercial or residential application form depending on the type of license.

Next, you need to show proof of specific details about your business, such as:

  • Whether it is registered with the state registrar
  • Financial statements
  • Tax obligations
  • Workers' compensation
  • And more

After you present the completed application and all the necessary materials to the state, you can take the exams.

Preparing for the exam is crucial if you want to pass on the first attempt. Enrolling yourself in a prep course is a big help and significantly increases your chances of passing.

Benefits of Taking the Prep Course

Exams can be intimidating. When you carry out your regular duties, you have confidence because you are knowledgeable in the trade. But when you have to sit for a two-hour exam, even in the same trade, you might feel inadequate.

Enrolling in a prep course gives you the confidence boost you need to overcome your exam fears. The more confident you are, the more likely you are to perform well in your test. Take the edge off by enrolling in our prep course for the business and law exam.

Our instructors are well versed in teaching, and their construction industry knowledge is unmatched. They go above and beyond to ensure you understand and retain the content. Their wealth of experience ensures you leave satisfied by answering any question you may have. If you need one-on-one training, they are also there to help.

What Does This Course Cover?

The prep course covers all the reference materials allowed in the exam. Part one seeks to impart Business Management and Marketing skills. You learn how to write a business plan, licensing, and insurance, and bonding requirements. It also teaches how to choose the proper business structure, among other things.

The second part covers all the knowledge you will need to run your construction business successfully. It includes estimating and bidding, contract and agreement, safety and environmental responsibilities, and managing projects. Customer and employee relationships also fall under this section.

The last part covers the administrative side of running your business, touching on finances, taxes, and liens. All this knowledge will help contractors start and run their businesses professionally. The skills imparted during the course are invaluable for their success.

Flexibility of Format

Our classes are flexible and come in three formats. These formats are pre-recorded, live in-person, and live/interactive webinars. Those who can attend in-person classes can also book special one-on-one training if they so desire. The live/interactive webinar group also gets pre-recorded materials upon payment for follow-up studies. The online material access lasts for 180 days, but you can extend the time by an additional 180 days for only $50.

Do not struggle with exam anxiety. Take our Mississippi Law and Business Management Exam Prep Course to prepare for the PSI exam, and you will pass on the first attempt.

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