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Welcome! If you are here, you must be interested in obtaining a contractor’s license in the state of Connecticut. At Contractor Training Center, we have all the courses and preparation materials you need to pass the required exams. With our exam prep services, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a proper general contractor.

Like any other state, Connecticut has specific laws and requirements you have to meet. These are required before undertaking any major construction project or starting a construction business. The most important requirement is having the correct license for the type of jobs you are performing.

Without the right license and education, you may still find business. However, jobs will be small, and they will be few and far between. A general contractor license in Connecticut will allow you to perform large scale construction jobs. It will enable you to expand your company to brand new heights. As well, with a home builder’s license, you will be able to work in residential areas.

With help from the Contractor Training Center, you could obtain one of these licenses or even both. All you need is the right forms, training, and preparation for the exams. Our goal is to help and support you throughout the process. We help you finally get your construction business off the ground.

Our experts will teach you all the Connecticut rules, laws, and regulations that you need to get a contractor’s license. With one of our multiple courses, we can help you study and ultimately pass the required state-mandated tests. 

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