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KGD Kansas Standard Master Electrician Prep Courses & Reference Materials

Prepare for the KGD Kansas Standard Master Electrician with Our Courses backed by a No-Pass No-Pay Guarantee

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Kansas Standard Master Electrician (ICC KGD) Exam Prep Services & Materials

We offer everything you need to prepare for the KGD Kansas Standard Master Electrician Exam and obtain your Master Electrician's license in the state of Kansas:

In Kansas, contractors are not licensed at the state level, but rather at the municipal level. To obtain a license in your jurisdiction, you may need to take and pass a licensing exam as well as complete other requirements before submitting an application for licensure.

Some cities and counties within Kansas offer license reciprocity or have agreements honoring other counties' licenses, but every jurisdiction is different. If you need help sorting out what to do in your city/county, a licensing specialist can help you sort out the process on a Contractor Licensing Start-Up Consultation.

Preparing for the KGD Kansas Standard Master Electrician Exam

We offer everything you need to prepare for the ICC KGD Kansas Standard Master Electrician exam.

To prepare for the exam, you will need the necessary reference manuals and exam prep tabs as well as our exam prep course. We also give the option to purchase pre-tabbed and highlighted books, saving you valuable hours of highlighting the information within the books yourself.

Exam Subject Areas

# of Questions Minimum Passing Score Time Allowed
100 75 (75%) 300 minutes


Content Area % of Questions
General Knowledge 6%
Electrical Theory and General Electrical Load Calculations, Code Definitions and Terms, Plan Reading   
Services and Service Equipment 11%
Services and Fault Current, Service Load Calculations, Service Equipment & Service Conductors, Transformers, System Grounding and Bonding, Temporary Service Wiring  
Feeders 4%
Load Calculations, Equipment Grounding  
Branch Circuits and Conductors 19%
Branch Circuit Calculation, Overcurrent Protection, Conductors, Required Outlets & GFCI/ AFCI Protection, Equipment  
Wiring Methods and Materials 26%
Raceway Installations, Underground Wiring Methods, Boxes and Enclosures, Cabinets, Panel boards, & Clearance and Guarding, Flexible Cords and Cables  
Equipment and Devices 13%
Luminaires, Receptacles, Switches and Other Devices, Appliances and Other Equipment, Other Utilization Heating and Cooling Equipment  
Control Devices 4%
Switches, Disconnects, and Controllers  
Motors and Generators 6%
Motors, Generators  
Special Occupancies, Equipment, and Conditions 11%
Special Occupancies, Swimming Pools and Similar Installations  
Mobile Home and RV Parks, Data Processing Equipment, Miscellaneous Special Equipment  
Emergency Systems, Signaling and Fire Alarm Systems  

For more information about the exam content areas and testing procedures, you can refer to the Exam Information Bulletin from ICC linked here.

What You'll Need to Prepare for the Exam

Exam Prep Course

Our Exam Prep course is offered as an online, pre-recorded course that you can complete at any time. Course material is delivered digitally so you can start preparing for your exam immediately after purchasing the course.

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Book Bundle

We offer the necessary references allowed into the exam. We also offer a pre-tabbed and highlighted version of the bundle already containing our permanent tabs and course curriculum highlights, saving you countless hours of tabbing and highlighting the books yourself.

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Our exam prep tabs help mark the commonly referenced sections of the books used in the exam. Don't waste time flipping through your books in the timed exam - our tabs help you to be able to quickly reference important material in your books and move on to the next question without wasting valuable time.

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