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About the Exam

NASCLA Nationally Accredited Electrical Examination Program

The National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) created a standardized accredited examination to take place of individual state licensing exams for Electricians. Electrical Exam Candidates applying to any accepting state agency can opt to take the NASCLA Electrical Exam in lieu of their state's specific licensing exam.

Once a candidate passes the NASCLA Electrical Exam through an administering state agency, they will not need to take another licensing exam if they are applying for licensure with any of the other participating state agencies..

There are currently three NASCLA Electrical Exams available:

  • Master/Unlimited Electrical Contractors Exam: for those who conduct business in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical work conforming to applicable standards and codes.
  • Journeyman Electrician Exam: for individuals who have demonstrated capacity in the knowledge and skills needed to properly perform the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical work conforming to applicable standards and codes.
  • Residential Electrical Contractor Exam: for individuals who demonstrate competency in performing electrical installations, service, repair, and maintenance typically encountered in a permanent dwelling unit.


    What States Administer and Accept the NASCLA Electrical Exam?

    NASCLA Electrical Examination Program Participating Agencies

    Administering State Agencies for the NASCLA Electrical Exam:

    In order for candidates to take an examination within the program, they must apply for licensure under an administering state agency.  The following agencies administer the exam. You must apply through one of the following agencies to take the NASCLA Electrical Exam:

    • Arizona Registrar of Contractors, beginning April 1, 2020
           Administers Electrical Contractor & Residential Electrical Contractor Exams
    • Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors, beginning May 1, 2020
           Administers Electrical Contractor Exam
    • Mississippi State Board of Contractors, Beginning May 1, 2020
           Administers Electrical Contractor Exam
    • Missouri Office of Statewide Electrical Contractors, beginning September 1, 2019
           Administers Electrical Contractor & Journeyman Electrician Exams
    • South Carolina Contractors' Licensing Board, beginning May 1, 2019
           Administers Electrical Contractor Exam
    • South Carolina Residential Builders Commission, beginning May 1, 2019
           Administers Residential Electrical Contractor Exam

    Accepting State Agencies for the NASCLA Electrical Exam:

    The following agencies accept NASCLA Electrical Examination transcripts for applicants who have already passed the exam from another agency:

    • Alabama Electrical Contractors Board
           Accepts Electrical Contractor & Journeyman Electrician Exams
    • Virginia Board for Contractors, Departement of Professional and Occupational Licensing, beginning June 18, 2019
           Accepts Electrical Contractor & Journeyman Electrician Exams
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