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New Jersey Books

Thank you for your interest in our Tradesman License Business Law Exam Prep books, tabs, and book bundles! We have all the books you will need to pass the New Jersey Business and Law exam.

We offer individual books and tabs as well as book bundles, containing all books needed to pass the exams. We also offer the books and book bundles pre-tabbed and pre-highlighted for you to purchase to save you over 30 hours of doing yourself! The tabs help you find sections of the book, so you don't flip through page by page trying to find areas the test is referencing. All the most commonly referenced material in the test will be easy to locate within the books. This gives you an advantage since it is a timed exam.

We also offer a 50% book buyback program. Refunds are issued at 50% of the retail cost of the book bundle you purchased, not including tax or shipping. Questions about our book buyback program? Email us at!

In addition to selling the books needed for the New Jersey exam, we also offer live courses, webinar courses, prerecorded online courses, and practice Q and A to help you prepare for the exam. With our no-fail guarantee, we will get you through the exams!