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South Carolina Residential Electrical Exam Prep Courses & Reference Materials

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About the Exam

South Carolina Residential Electrical Exam at PSI

In South Carolina, a Residential Electrician is licensed to perform the installation, alteration, and repair of any wiring, related electrical material, and equipment common to the residential building industry. South Carolina defines "residence" as a structure including, but not limited to, condominiums and townhouses intended to be used or in fact used primarily for living quarters that are not over three floors in height and which do not have more than sixteen units.

South Carolina applicants taking the Residential Electrical exam have a choice of trade exams. They can elect to take either the NASCLA Accredited Trade Examination for Residential Electrical Contractors which is accepted by multiple state agencies or the South Carolina Residential Electrical state specific exam. There are differences in these exams, including exam content and references allowed into the exam, testing policies, and states accepting exam transcripts via reciprocity. If you're not sure which exam is best for you, a licensing expert can help review your options on a Contractor Licensing Start-Up Consultation!

At Contractor Training Center, we offer exam prep courses and materials for all licensing exams required for South Carolina Residential Electrical Contractor license applicants. And, all our courses are backed by a No-Pass, No-Pay Guarantee! If you're interested in getting licensed as a Residential Electrician in South Carolina, keep reading below to find out more about how to get started.

South Carolina Residential Electrical Exam Prep Services & Materials

We offer everything you need to prepare for the South Carolina Residential Electrical Exam.

We know obtaining a contractor's license is a complicated process. We're here to simplify the process as much as possible - and with our proven-effective study techniques and proprietary study materials, we can help set you up for success in the exams.

What is on the Exam? 

I. General Electrical Knowledge (13 Items)
a. Calculate voltage, current and resistance in series, parallel and combination circuits
b. Calculate power used in a circuit
c. Understand and apply fundamental ac theory
d. Calculate voltage drop for branch circuits or feeders
e. Troubleshoot and test systems
f. Understand and apply definitions
g. Install smoke alarms
h. Read and interpret blueprints and drawings
i. Perform quantity take-offs
j. Ensure structural requirements not compromised

II. Services, Feeders, and Branch Circuits (15 Items)
a. Install services
b. Install feeders
c. Install branch circuits
d. Install temporary installations
e. Install motors used in dwellings
f. Install three-phase service

III. Overcurrent Protection (5 Items)
a. Understand and apply knowledge of NEC overcurrent protection requirements

IV. Grounding and Bonding (6 Items)
a. General requirements
b. Use tables to obtain the required sizes of grounding electrode conductor
c. Use tables to obtain the required sizes of equipment grounding conductor

V. Conductors and Cables (5 Items)
a. Install underground conductors and cables
b. Perform vertical installations
c. Select a conductor
d. Armored Cable Type AC
e. Metal-Clad Cable Type MC
f. Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable Type NM, NMC, NMS,.
g. Service Entrance Cables: Type SE and USE
h. Underground Feeder and Branch Circuit Cable Type UF

VI. Raceways and Boxes (4 Items)
a. Understand and apply general raceway requirements
b. Understand and apply general box requirements
c. Install RMC (rigid metal conduit)
d. Install EMT (electric metallic conduit)
e. Install IMC (intermediate metal conduit)
f. Install RNC (rigid non-metallic conduit)
g. Install FMC (flexible metal conduit)
h. Install LFMC (liquid-tight flexible metal conduit)
i. Install FMT (flexible metallic tubing)
j. Calculate area of raceway and number of conductors (conduit fill)
k. Install outlet, device, pull and junction boxes
l. Calculate box volume and fill

VII. Lighting (4 Items)
a. Install fixtures
b. Ground fixtures
c. Install fixture wiring
d. Understand fixture construction requirements
e. Install fluorescent fixtures
f. Install recessed fixtures
g. install switches

VIII. Specialty – pool/spa, garages, generators, wheelchair lifts (4 Items)
a. Install wiring for pools, spas and hot tubs 6
b. Install bonding and grounding for swimming pool, hot tub and spa bonding and all associated equipment
c. Install pool, spa and hot-tub lighting
d. Install generators
e. Install wheelchair lifts
f. Install equipment in garages

IX. Safety (4 Items)
a. Understand Responsibility for Providing Personal Protective Equipment
b. Prepare Emergency Action Plans
c. Ensure Safety Training is Conducted when Needed
d. Ensure First Aid Kit is Available per Requirements
e. Ensure Personal Protective Equipment is Used Correctly
f. Use All Tools and Equipment in Accordance with Requirements
g. Utilize Ladders in Accordance with Requirements
h. Maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
i. Provide Fall Protection


What You'll Need to Prepare for the South Carolina Residential Electrical Exam

Exam Prep Course

Our South Carolina Residential Electrical Exam Prep Course is an online, pre-recorded course that you can complete at your own time and pace. The online course includes access to instructor-led videos on exam-taking strategies, overviews of electrical theories/concepts, book highlighting instructions, and practice test questions and answers.

Our online course also includes access to a simulation practice test, set up just like the real exam!

All our courses are delivered digitally, meaning you can begin preparing for your exam immediately after you place your purchase. Additionally, our courses are backed by a No-Pass, No-Pay Guarantee!

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Book Bundle

The South Carolina Residential Electrical Exam is an open-book exam. You can bring in approved reference manuals and may mark your books with permanent tabs and highlights/underlining. Please note no handwritten notes are allowed in books, and if you make notes in your books you may not be allowed to bring them into the exam.

You can find the approved references for the South Carolina Residential Electrical Exam in a convenient bundle at the link below.  In a hurry? Check out our exam-ready pre-tabbed and highlighted book bundle here!

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Our South Carolina Residential Electrical Exam prep tabs help mark the commonly referenced sections of the books used in the exam. Don't waste time flipping through your books in the timed exam - our tabs help you to be able to quickly reference important material in your books and move on to the next question without wasting valuable time. 

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Other Licensing Requirements

All individuals applying to the South Carolina Residential Builder Commission for a license are required to take and pass the South Carolina Residential Business Law exam at PSI. You can see more about the Business Law Exam and our exam prep service offerings at the link here.

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