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Nevada Construction and Business Law Manual

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Nevada CMS Manual for the Construction Survey Management Exam


This manual will prepare you to take the Nevada CMS exam at PSI.  This is an open book exam and you will be able to bring this manual into class.

The manual is broken up into three sections:

Section 1 - Business Startup 101 - how to start the business, insurance requirements, licensing requirements, business plans and planning, marketing basics and business operations basics.

Section 2 is all about running a successful contracting company.  Hiring employees and subcontractors, managing projects and clients, environmental and safety requirements.

Section 3 All about the administration of the company.  Everything from Finances, to taxes and lien laws.  Running a good business takes sound management skills.  This section covers all the basics of day to day operations.



This book will help you pass the Nevada Business Law  / Construction ManaManagementvey Exam at PSI.

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