Alabama Construction Contractor License Exams

Obtain your Contractor's license in Alabama for Construction work with the best license option for your needs!

So you've decided you want to obtain a contractor's license to perform construction work in the state of Alabama - what an exciting goal! This decision will greatly benefit your business and its earning potential, as you will have more opportunities to work on bigger and more complex projects. But now that you've decided it's time to get your license, you may wonder, "What's next?"

Depending on the type of construction you will be performing, you will either apply to either the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors or the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board. Each board requires license applicants to pass exams and meet financial, legal, and experience requirements to become licensed.

While this process may seem quite daunting, don't worry - you don't have to do this alone! At Contractor Training Center, we have licensing experts ready to help you prepare for exams, submit a proper application for approval, and set up your construction business for success! Keep reading below to learn more about the licensing process for Alabama Construction Contractors, or book a call with us to get started today!

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Alabama Construction Contractor License Options

In the state of Alabama, construction contractors working on projects over the state-mandated financial thresholds are required to hold a contractor's license. The Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors regulates commercial construction activities, while Residential construction falls under the guidance of the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board (HBLB).

Exam Preparation

Preparing for Alabama Construction Exams

Before you can begin preparing for your exams, you must determine which ones you must take. Alabama contractor applicants are required to take two types of exams:

  • Business Law Exam: covers tax, business, and other regulatory information applicable to contractors in the state
  • Technical Exam: covers topics specific to the license's scope of work. Some license specialties do not require a technical exam.

Alabama Contractor Business Law Exams

Each licensing board in Alabama has its own Business Law exam for construction contractors.

The Alabama General Contractor Business Law Exam is required for all applicants of the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors.

The Alabama Home Builder Business Law Exam is required for all unlimited license applicants of the Alabama Home Builders Commission.

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Alabama Construction Technical Exams

Alabama Construction Contractors have multiple options for licensing exams: the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors accepts the National NASCLA Commercial Building Contractor Exam, which is also accepted in 16+ other states, and also administers its own state exams.

Building contractors can take an Alabama-specific exam such as the Building Contractor Under Four Stories (BCU4) Exam or take the National NASCLA Exam instead.

Home Builder license applicants must take a Skill Exam if applying for an Unlimited Home Builders license, which is required for any work covering multiple trades or affecting the structural integrity of a residential building.

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