Alabama Contractor License Exam Prep

Welcome! If you are here, you must be interested in obtaining a contractor’s license in the state of Alabama. At Contractor Training Center, we have all the courses and preparation you need to pass the right exams. With our exam prep, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a proper general contractor.

Like any other state, Alabama has specific laws and requirements you have to meet. These are required before you can undertake any major construction project or start a proper construction business. The most important of these is having the correct license for the correct jobs.

Without the right license and education, you may still find business. However, jobs will be small, and they will be few and far between. A general contractor license in Alabama will allow you to perform large scale construction jobs. It will enable you to expand your company to brand new heights. As well, with a home builder’s license, you will be able to work in residential areas.

With help from the Contractor Training Center, you could obtain one of these licenses or even both. All you need is the right forms, training, and preparation for the exams. Our goal is to help and support you throughout the process. We help you finally get your construction business off the ground.

Our experts will teach you all the Alabama rules, laws, and regulations that you need to get a contractor’s license. With one of our multiple courses, we can help you study and ultimately pass the required state-mandated tests. We also help with the national NASCLA test. The state requires this test for anyone seeking to do construction projects in Alabama.

So, what do you need to do to get a license in your state?


How to Get a Contractor’s License in Alabama

Getting an Alabama contractor’s license is simpler than you might think. In general, Alabama has two different types of licenses. These are:

  • General Contractors
  • Home Builders

Homebuilders divide even further into two categories: unlimited and limited home builders. Different building codes and laws within the state limit and dictate the types of work and repairs someone can do. An Alabama general contractor license will set you up to meet these regulations. Before performing any of these projects, you must understand all the requirements to work as a contractor in the state of Alabama.

We can help you with the laws and regulations. We provide the study tools to pass the required NASCLA Accredited exam successfully. With us, you can receive your Alabama contractor license.

Your first step is to obtain a license application form for your state. For general contractors, you can find it here, from the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors. For Home Builders, you can find it at the Home Builders Licensure Board (for Residential Contractors).

Once you have finished the application, make sure to submit it to the state of Alabama.

Once the state approves you for licensing, you will be sent a Candidate Information Bulletin in the mail. It will contain an examination registration form and information on how to choose an exam date. For general contractors, this means taking the Business and Law exam as well as the accredited NASCLA exam.

Why You Should Get a Contractor’s License

Each state has specific have laws and requirements. These determine what you can do for certain projects and renovations on homes or buildings. It’s important to know what type of license you might need to renovate a home or to take on a major building project. For example, Alabama law requires an unlimited home builder contractor's license for any project that exceeds $10,000. A limited home builder's license would cover projects less than that in most cases.

With a contractor license, Alabama construction companies can expand their business to new horizons. As a contractor, you can work in other fields, too, like plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. Furthermore, with a license, you:

  • Have more credibility
  • Can charge more and have higher earning potential

With a license, your clients can trust that you have the knowledge and skills to do what they need. It’s an assurance that you’ll follow all applicable laws and regulations. You can build a relationship with your customers and establish trust in other ways, of course. However, a licensed contractor will stand out far more and attract customers easier.

Additionally, many states legally require businesses to hold a contractor's license to work on projects over a certain financial threshold. If you take the initiative and earn your license now, you can get more business, increase profits, and take on more significant assignments right away. Clients will typically pay a higher fee for licensed contractors because they can trust that the contractor knows what to do and how to do it well.


Preparing for the Exam

Contractor Training Center offers multiple in-person classes, online pre-recorded, as well as online webinar options. All courses include an online practice test. We can help you study and prepare for the NASCLA license exam as well as local Alabama required tests and laws. We have a General Contractor Business Law Exam Prep course for the state of Alabama. In addition, we offer a NASCLA Contractors Guide for Alabama. We also offer book bundles to study for the exam and a NASCLA exam prep seminar. We have all the tools you need to study and prepare.

Some courses may require extra materials or books. However, we try to include all the necessary information you need to prepare yourself. That way, you can take the NASCLA exam and pass it with flying colors.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my contractor’s license valid?

In Alabama, a license expires each year on December 31st. It is essential to renew your license annually.


Does Alabama offer reciprocity with other states?

Yes, Alabama has reciprocity with Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Mississippi. However, this comes with some provisions. The major one is that you must have your license for three consecutive years. The permit also must be for the same classification that you are seeking in Alabama. This is a “verification of license.” You can find this on your initial application on the form section of the website. They will also require a recent copy of your license.


What is the exam comprised of?

The exam has 115 questions. You are allotted 330 minutes to complete the exam. You must score at least 81% to get your license. Most of the questions will focus on planning or estimating and financial and project management.

The typical breakdown of the exam is:

  • 21 questions on planning and estimating
  • 21 questions on financial and project management
  • 19 questions about safety
  • 15 questions about site construction
  • 8 questions about concrete
  • 3 questions about masonry
  • 5 questions about metals
  • 5 questions about wood framing and foundations
  • 4 questions about thermal moisture protection
  • 5 questions about glazing, windows, and doors
  • 7 questions about finishes
  • 2 questions about specific specialty equipment and systems


Is continuing education required in the state of Alabama?

Continued education is not required, although it can be beneficial in many cases.


What is the difference between a General Contractor’s License and a Home Builder’s License?

In the state of Alabama, a General Contractor’s license is required for:

  • The building of public and commercial properties in which the total cost of materials and labor exceeds $50,000
  • And/or the building of a swimming pool that costs over $5,000

This is for much larger commercial projects and businesses hoping to expand.

A Home Builder’s license is for actively remodeling, constructing, repairing, or improving a residential home or building. If the cost of labor and materials is over $10,000, a license is necessary.


How old do I need to be to get a contractor’s license?

In Alabama, there is technically no age limit requirement in the statute. However, according to the Board’s rules, anyone holding a license must be old enough to enter a contract. In Alabama, that means you must be the age of 19.


What if I fail the exam even after the prep course?

We have a no-fail guarantee at the Contractor Training Center. If you do not pass on the first attempt, send us your pass/fail report from the company. This allows us to create a focused plan for you, and we will have a coaching session.

If you fail on a second attempt, we will offer a more intensive coaching session. This will include a web screen share session. Our instructor will drill you on specific questions and topics. They will figure out where you need the most assistance and work from there.

If you fail on the third attempt, send us your report. We will refund you the amount of your course. What about if the course covered multiple tests, like the various laws and regulations courses? Not a problem. We will prorate the amount for the tests you did not pass.


Can I build homes with a general contractor’s license?

If you are only just now obtaining a general contractor’s license, the answer is no. Alabama law now requires a Home Builders license for the construction of residential homes and buildings.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule if your general contractor’s license is a certain number. The number indicates you have held it for many years. Please see the Alabama Board of Licensure website for more details about the specific details and rules.


What You Can Expect from Us

The 3 main steps in almost every state are to submit an application, pass a Business Law exam, and also pass a Technical exam.

The purpose of the application is to make sure you are registered in the state properly, so they can tax you. It is also to confirm that you have verifiable experience. The Business Law exam verifies you understand the laws of operating a business in Alabama. The Technical exam ensures you have the skills and knowledge to do the types of work that you want to perform.

We supply the prep classes and the books and the tabs necessary to pass the OPEN BOOK EXAMS. Tabbing and Highlighting the books is allowed and part of our Curriculum. We have an extremely high first-time pass rate on our exams. If you do not pass, we will give you the class again for free until you do.

    We have helped over 30,000 contractors get their contractor’s license and we look forward to helping you.

    Ready to learn more? Don’t hesitate to call us today! 804-556-5518



    • Alabama - Commercial only
    • Arizona - Commercial only
    • Arkansas - Commercial and Residential - No Business Law exam required
    • Florida - Commercial and Residential
    • Georgia - Commercial and Residential
    • Louisiana - Commercial and Residential
    • Mississippi - Commercial and Residential
    • Nevada - Commercial only
    • North Carolina - Commercial and Residential - No Business Law exam required
    • Oregon - Commercial and Residential
    • South Carolina - Commercial and Residential
    • Tennessee - Commercial only
    • US Virgin Islands - Commercial and Residential
    • Utah - Commercial and Residential
    • Virginia - Commercial only
    • West Virginia - Commercial and Residential


    What's on the NASCLA Exam?

    Subject Area # of Items
    Planning and Estimating 21
    Financial and Project Management 21
    Safety 19
    Site Construction 15
    Concrete 8
    Masonry 3
    Metals 5
    Wood Foundations and Framing 5
    Thermal Moisture Protection 4
    Doors, Windows, and Glazing 5
    Finishes 7
    Specialty Equipment and Conveyance Systems 2

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