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Exam Prep Cram Session

NASCLA Commercial Builder Exam 4-Hour Cram Session

  • $ 199.97

4-Hour Intensive Study Session for NASCLA Commercial Builder Exam


  • Course Duration: 4 Hours
  • Course Type: Live Webinar
  • Books Required: 20

National NASCLA Commercial Building Contractor Exam Prep Cram Session

Our Exam Prep Cram Sessions are an intensive review of core concepts and strategies for taking the exam. These sessions are intended to supplement our online exam prep course material and practice tests. This session will cover concepts on the exam such as general licensing requirements, site construction, procurement and contracting requirements, and navigating safety (OSHA) and building (IBC) codes.


Exam Prep Cram Session:

Attendees of our 4-Hour Cram Sessions should already be familiar with the contents of our NASCLA Commercial Builder exam prep course and practice test. Cram sessions break down concepts and calculations that are necessary to know to be able to answer questions on the NASCLA Commercial Builder exam effectively.


Cram Session Dates and Times:

Our Live-Stream Webinar Exam Prep Cram Sessions are held on Saturdays on the dates listed above. Sessions are held from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm EST.


Books Required for the NASCLA Exam

Approximately 20 books are required to prepare for and take the National NASCLA Commercial Builder Exam. Using tabbed and highlighted books in the exam is a requirement of our exam prep curriculum.

You may bring the books listed here to the exam with you. Exam references may be highlighted, underlined, and tabbed with permanent adhesive tabs. You may not write in the book or use tabs such as post-its that may be removed. You can purchase our permanent, pre-printed tabs for the NASCLA Exam book bundle here.

In a hurry to take your exam? Save yourself hours of tabbing and highlighting with our pre-tabbed and highlighted book bundle instead!


Additional Courses

Attendees of our 4-Hour Cram Sessions should already be familiar with the contents of our NASCLA Commercial Builder exam prep course and practice test. Instructors encourage attendees to come prepared with any questions about concepts they don't understand to get the most out of this session.


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