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New Jersey Business Law Exam Prep Services & Materials

We offer everything you need to prepare for the New Jersey Business Law Exam, required for all New Jersey Tradesman license applicants.

To prepare for the New Jersey Business Law Exam, you will need the required reference manual and tabs as well as our exam prep course. We also give the option to purchase a pre-tabbed and highlighted reference manual, saving you valuable hours of highlighting the information within the book yourself.

The New Jersey Business Law Exam is required for all New Jersey tradesman license applicants.

You must get authorization from the New Jersey State Board of Examiners for your type of license (the Board) to take your initial examination. Go to for the application process. If you have additional questions call (973) 504-6410.

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We know obtaining a contractor's license is a complicated process. We're here to simplify the process as much as possible - and with our proven-effective study techniques and proprietary study materials, we can help set you up for success in the exams.

What You'll Need to Prepare for the Exam

Exam Prep Course

Our Business Law Exam Prep course is an online, pre-recorded course you can complete at your own time and pace. Course material is delivered to you digitally so you can begin the course immediately after purchase.

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What is on the Exam?

# of Questions Minimum Passing Score Time Allowed
50 35 (70%) 130 minutes


Subject Area # of questions
Business Organization 2
Licensing 5
Estimating and Bidding 7
Contract Management 8
Project Management 5
Risk Management 4
Safety 4
Labor Law 4
Financial Management 5
Tax Law 3
Lien Law 3


You can also refer to the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin here for more information on testing policies.