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Overview & Benefits

The right resources and exam prep services

We offer everything you need to prepare for the South Carolina Residential Builder exam.

To prepare for the exam, you will need books and tabs as well as our exam prep course. We also give the option to purchase pre-tabbed and highlighted books, saving you valuable hours of highlighting the information within the books yourself.

South Carolina Residential Builders are limited to construction, remodeling, repair or improvement of one-, two-, or multi-family residences not exceeding three stories in height and/or 16 units in any single apartment building.

What's on the Exam?

Get a strong start in building your career

# of Questions Minimum Passing Score Time Allowed
110 77 (70%) 360 minutes
Subject Area # of Questions
General Building Construction 74
Residential Electrical 12
Residential HVAC 12
Residential Plumbing 12

General Building Construction includes content discussing: a. General Carpentry b. Concrete & Reinforcement c. Estimating and Plan Reading d. Masonry e. Roofing f. Site Work, Footings and Foundations

Residential Electrical includes content discussing: a. Services/Feeders/Branch Circuits b. Overcurrent Protection c. Grounding and Bonding d. Conductors and Cables e. Raceways and Boxes f. Lighting and Specialty Applications 

Residential HVAC includes content discussing:: a. Hangars and Supports b. Furnaces and Heaters c. Chimneys, Flues, and Vents d. Combustion Air e. Ducts, Ventilation and Exhaust f. Fuel Gas and Oil g. Piping 

Residential Plumbing includes content discussing: a. General Plumbing and Regulations b. Piping/Valves/Controls c. Fixtures and Equipment d. Water Supply e. Drain/Waste and Vents/Sewers f. Specialty Applications

You can also refer to the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin here for more information on testing policies.

Exam Preparation

What you'll need to prepare for the exam

Exam Prep Course

Our Residential Builder Exam Prep course is available in three options: live in-person, live-streamed via webinar, and online pre-recorded. Live courses are held every Thursday from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm ET. Our classroom is located in Richmond, Virginia, or you can join us anywhere via live interactive webinar.

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Book Bundle

The South Carolina Residential Builder Exam is an open-book exam. You may bring the approved references listed here into the exam with you. We also offer pre-tabbed and highlighted books as well to save you the time of tabbing and highlighting the book yourself.

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Our South Carolina Residential Builder Exam prep tabs help mark the commonly referenced sections of the books used in the exam. Don't waste time flipping through your books in the timed exam - our tabs help you to be able to quickly reference important material in your books and move on to the next question without wasting valuable time.

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License Requirements

Steps to obtaining your license

All South Carolina contractor license applicants are still required to meet other state licensing regulations in order to obtain a license in South Carolina.

These requirements include taking the State Business Law Exam and submitting a State Board Contractor License Application. We offer exam prep courses and materials for the business law exam as well as License Application Fulfillment Services.

You can learn more about the South Carolina Business Law Exam here.

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