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Like many states, South Carolina has strict requirements regarding what is required for contractor work to be done within their state. In fact, for a residential building project costing more than $200, or a commercial building project exceeding $5,000 in costs, the contractor must have a license to be able to legally complete the work. This makes it very difficult for you to conduct your contracting work freely and without restriction if you do not meet the state’s requirements for doing work in the area.

South Carolina is a beautiful state with a lot of opportunity for any contractor to conduct their work and do what they do best and complete exemplary work for all their clients—so long as they meet the requirements imposed by the state. The general requirements to obtain a license are described in detail on this page, making it easy for you to determine where to begin in fulfilling your requirements someone looking to do contracting work.

It’s never been easier to meet the general contracting requirements in South Carolina as it is with the Contractors Institute; we help you with all your exam prep needs to aid you in passing on your very first try. We have all the resources and knowledge you could possibly need to be adequately prepared for your South Carolina exam to pass with flying colors.

To help you in the process of getting a general contractor license in South Carolina without all the trouble and hassle you might otherwise experience, get in touch with us today. It is our goal to help you through this process without the need for you to fear not getting through the requirements easily and without encountering any problems. Get started on the process today so you are not held back by the state’s requirements and not able to freely complete projects for your clients—we’ve gathered everything you need to know about meeting South Carolina’s contractor requirements on this page. 

To do residential building over $200 and commercial building over $5,000 in South Carolina you must be licensed.

Who Should be Licensed in South Carolina?

Anytime any residential building is over $200 and/or a commercial building is over $5,000, a license will be required.

One-year experience verification is required and needs to be signed by a general contractor or residential builder.

How do I get my residential builder license in South Carolina?

In order to receive a license as a home builder in the state of South Carolina, you will need to do the following, within the steps below:

  • Step One - File a written application as required by the Commission.
  • Step Two - Submit a certified check, cashier’s check or money order for $100 for the application fee.
  • Step Three - Submit an affidavit showing proof of at least one year actual experience under the supervision of a licensed builder.
  • Step Four - Pass an examination given by PSI
  • Step Five - Pay a $160 license fee (certified check or money order) and provide proper financial responsibility.

A license has a possibility to be granted without an examination to builders who are in good standing within other states that are deemed by Commission to have similar exams.

The license is required to be renewed each every two years.

You can find General Contractor information with the following contact info:

Click Here for the SC Residential Builders Commission

Commercial ) General) Contractor License: How to Obtain in South Carolina

  • Step One – Send your Examination Registration Form to PSI along with the correct payment for the examination.
  • Step Two – After approval by PSI, you will be sent a Registration Confirmation Notice advising you of the 1-year eligibility to take the examination.
  • Step Three – Prepare for the examination by using the examination outline in the Candidate Information Bulletin and the suggested study materials that cover the outline topics.
  • Step Four – Be sure to take proper identification with you to your scheduled examination appointment.
  • Final Step – Upon passing the examination, you may then submit your commercial license application to the SC Contractors’ Licensing Board.

General Contractors can find any licensing information with the below contact address, phone number, and email:

General Contractor Licensing Board

Does South Carolina Require Contractor Continued Education

No, there is no requirement for this.

The Residential Builders License is renewable every two (2) years, before June 30, of each even year (2012, 2014, 2016, etc)

 Does South Carolina Accept NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor Licenses?


When you pass the examination for NASCLA Accredited Exam for Commercial General Building Contractors, you will be in the National Examination Database for NASCLA. You will also have the information available in several states, which accept NASCLA Accredited Exams. The states are:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia


There are 50 questions in this examination. You will need to answer 34 questions correctly (68%) in order to pass. (This passing score may change as examination performance is evaluated). You are allowed 120 minutes to complete this examination.

I. Business Management (2 Items)
II. Licensing Laws and Rules (2 Items)
III. Estimating and Bidding (8 Items)
IV. Contracts and Agreements (7 Items)
V. Project Management (7 Items)
VI. Insurance and Bonding (5 Items)
VII. Safety Recordkeeping and Reporting (1 Item)
VIII. Labor Laws and Employment Regulations (3 Items)
IX. Financial Management (4 Items)
X. Tax Laws (5 Items)
XI. Liens (3 Items)
XII. Environmental Laws and Regulations (3 Items)


There are 80 questions in this examination. You will need to answer 55 questions correctly (68.75%) in order to pass. (This passing score may change as examination performance is evaluated). You are allowed 240 minutes to complete this examination. This examination is limited to construction, remodeling, repair or improvement of one-, two-, or multi-family residences not exceeding three stories in height and/or 16 units in any single apartment building.

I. Site work and Foundations (7 Items)
II. Concrete (4 Items)
III. Concrete-Reinforcement (4 Items)
IV. Masonry (8 Items)
V. Carpentry (14 Items)
VI. Associated Trades and Drywall (19 Items)
VII. Roofing (5 Items)
VIII. Estimating-Plan Reading (19 Items)

Where can I get the books?

South Carolina Limited Contractor Books

South Carolina Residential Contractor Books

South Carolina Unlimited (NASCLA Accredited Commercial) Contractor