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Exam Prep Course

Arizona Asphalt Paving Exam Prep Course

  • $ 297.00

For the CR-69, A-14, and R-13 Exams

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  • Course Duration: Varies
  • Course Type: Online Pre-Recorded
  • Books Required: Varies

Arizona Asphalt Paving Exam Prep Course

There are three versions of the Asphalt Paving Exam. You only need to take one of the three exams. All three of these classifications also require applicants to take and pass the Arizona Statutes and Rules examination.

  • CR-69 ASPHALT PAVING - Specialty Dual License; 4 years' hands-on and/or managerial experience and technical exam required
  • A-14 ASPHALT PAVING - for General Engineering Contracting; 4 years' hands-on and/or managerial experience and technical exam required
  • R-13 ASPHALT PAVING - for Specialty Residential Contracting; technical exam required if the applicant has < 1 year hands-on and/or managerial experience

Exam Prep Class:

This class will prepare you to take the Asphalt Paving Contractor exams at PSI. There are three different asphalt paving exams: CR-69, A-14, and R-13. We cover all the material that you are allowed to bring into the exam.


Class Days and Times:

This is an online pre-recorded course available to you 24/7 that you can complete at your own time and pace. Online course content is delivered digitally immediately upon purchase.


webinar access time

Online Content is available for 180 days after purchase. To extend content access an additional 180 days, a $50 course extension fee is required. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Additional Materials

The exam at PSI is open-book. You may bring the approved references into the exam, and reference manuals may be tabbed and highlighted. Tabs must be permanent adhesive tabs - removable tabs such as post-its are not allowed in the examination center. We sell permanent, pre-printed tabs for the Arizona Asphalt Paving Book Bundles here.



You may take the approved references into the exam with you. We offer book bundles for each of the three Asphalt Paving exams here. We also sell tabs for the book bundle here.

Let us save you the time of highlighting and tabbing your books - we offer pre-tabbed and highlighted AZ Asphalt Paving book bundles here!


Additional Courses

All Arizona Contractor Applicants are required to take and pass the Arizona Statutes and Rules Examination. You can find our exam prep courses and materials for the SRE here.

Exams are administered by PSI and can be scheduled by registering at

Which Classification is Right for You?


This classification allows the scopes of work permitted by the commercial A-14 Asphalt Paving and the residential R-13 Asphalt Paving licenses.


This classification allows the licensee to install asphalt paving, and all related fine grading on streets, highways, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, running tracks, play areas, and gas station driveways and areas, using materials and accessories common to the industry. Only permitted as it pertains to the larger scope of work, the classification also permits excavation and grading for height adjustment of existing sewer access holes, storm drains, water valves, sewer cleanouts, and drain gates. It also includes the scope of work allowed by the A-15 Seal Coating Classification.


This classification allows the licensee to install and repair of paved areas using materials and methods common to the industry, including asphalt curbs, concrete bumper curbs, headers, and striping.


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