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Overview & Benefits

Georgia Contractors Continuing Education Courses

Individuals licensed through the Georgia State Licensing Board for General and Residential Contractors are required to complete Continuing Education courses to qualify for license renewal. Renewals are due by June 30th of every year.

To qualify for renewal, licensed individuals must complete 3-6 hours of Continuing Education (CE) per year based on license classification. Up to 50% of CE hours may be completed through online courses. Please note: Live Webinar courses are considered by the Board as live courses, not online courses.

Residential Basic contractors are required to complete 3 hours of CE per year, while Residential Light Commercial contractors are required to complete 6 hours of CE per year.

Our Services

Contractor Training Center is an approved Georgia Contractor Continuing Education Provider. We offer online and live webinar courses issuing Georgia Contractor CE credits on topics including the following:

  • Accounting, Taxes, and Insurance 
  • Warranties, Liens, and Ethics  
  • Contracts & Jobsite Management
  • Customer Service, Human Resources & Labor Law 
  • Bidding, Estimating, & Business Management  
  • Building Codes, Erosion & Sediment Control & Underground Utilities  
  • Safety, PPE & Fall Protection 

License Requirements

How to Renew Your Contractor's License in Georgia

In Georgia, Residential and General Contractors must renew their licenses every two years. The Georgia Residential and General Contractor Licensing Board requires contractors to submit a $100 nonrefundable renewal fee with each renewal application.  Once a renewal application has been submitted, a builder’s status will be shown online as “renewal pending.”  According to the Secretary of State’s office, a builder can continue to work and contract while under this status.  

There is a late renewal fee of $200 for renewal applications submitted between July 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.  However, during this extended renewal period, a builder’s license is considered lapsed and not valid.  After December 31, all licenses that have not been renewed will be treated as revoked.  At that juncture, reinstatement is at the discretion of the board, which could require the submission of a new application and/or the re-taking of the licensing examination.  

  • To process your renewal, log in to your account on the Georgia Online Licensing site.
  • Click on the License Renewal button on the left-hand side of the page. Enter your login information.
  • If you do not remember your login credentials, click on the link to reset for a “person” type license. 
  • Follow the instructions for online renewal specific to your license.

Contractor License Renewal Applications are due June 30th of even-numbered years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Georgia Contractor CE

Do I need to complete continuing education?

If you hold a Georgia Residential Basic Contractor's License or a Georgia Residential Light Commercial Contractor's License, you will need to complete continuing education each year.

  • Residential Basic Contractors must complete 3 hours each year (6 hours per renewal cycle)
  • Residential Light Commercial Contractors must complete 6 hours each year (12 hours per renewal cycle)

At this time, Georgia General/Unlimited Contractors do not need to complete Continuing Education.

Can I complete all of my continuing education courses online?

Georgia currently requires 50% of CE credits to be completed inlive courses. However, Live Webinars are considered live courses, so you do not need to attend an in-person classroom course to complete your CE courses. You can complete your CE courses from your computer using Contractor Training Center's live webinars!