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North Carolina Highway Exam Prep Services & Materials

We offer everything you need to prepare for the North Carolina Highway Exam.

To prepare for the exam, you will need the required reference manual and tabs as well as our exam prep course. We also give the option to purchase a pre-tabbed and highlighted reference manual, saving you valuable hours of highlighting the information within the book yourself.

A North Carolina Highway Contractor classification covers all highway construction activity including: grading, paving of all types, installation of exterior artificial athletic surfaces, relocation of public and private utility lines ancillary to the principal project, bridge construction and repair, culvert construction and repair, parking decks, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and storm drainage. It also includes installation and erection of guard rails, fencing, signage and ancillary highway hardware; covers paving and grading of airport and airfield runways, taxiways, and aprons, including the installation of fencing, signage, runway lighting and marking; and work done under the specialty classifications of S (Boring and Tunneling), S (Concrete Construction), S (Marine Construction), S (Railroad Construction), and H (Grading and Excavating).

For more information on the Building Classification and obtaining your Contractor's License in North Carolina follow the link by clicking onto North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors