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Virginia Residential Building Construction (RBC) Exam Prep - Pre-Recorded Online Class

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Virginia Residential Building Contractor (RBC) Online Exam Prep  


Exam Prep Class:
This Virginia Residential Contractor License class will prepare you to take the Virginia RBC Exam at PSI.  We cover all the material that you are allowed to bring into the exam: IRC 2012, Carpentry and Construction, and the 29 CFR Part 1926 Related Standards book, all of which are included in our RBC Book Bundle. You can purchase the Virginia RBC Tabs here. We tab and highlight the areas of the books and manuals so that you can navigate the books efficiently in the exam.

Class Days and Times:

We offer the Virginia RBC Exam Prep Class weekly live in our classroom in Richmond and Via Live Interactive Webinar.  Thursday 8:30 am-12:30 pm.  You can register online or call us at 804-409-0147

Virginia RBC License Requirements:

Virginia requires two licenses to become a contractor: Business / Law and Technical.  The Class A/B license covers the business and law portion and is required by the designated employee or member of responsible management.  There is an 8-hour Pre-License requirement for all new Virginia Contractors.  The same person who takes the Pre-License course must be the same person who takes the exams.

Class A – required for all projects in exceeding $120,000 and yearly revenue over &750,000.  The Company must have a $45k minimum net worth

Class B – required for all projects exceeding $10,000 and not more than $120,000 per project, and not to exceed $750,000 in yearly revenue.  The company must have a minimum net worth of $15,000

Exam and Application:

Exams are administered by PSI and can be scheduled online or by calling PSI EXAMINATION SERVICES (800) 733-9267


The IRC-2012 code book covers all of the very technical aspect of the test.  Anything to do with construction code and standards (minimums and maximums).  The Carpentry and Construction book covers more of the general guides of construction and the CFR Related Standards will cover all things safety related as it pertains to scaffolding, egress, hazardous materials, and OSHA.

Virginia requires you to have both a business law and technical license.  You must complete a business and law exam and a technical exam such as RBC.  If you are a first time contractor in Virginia, our Pre-License course will fulfill the requirements of the Class C Business Law.  Our Virginia Class A/B exam prep will prepare you for the Virginia Class A/B exam at PSI.  

After you complete our Virginia RBC Exam Prep Course, you will need a 1/2 day or so to go through our Residential Building Contractors RBC practice test and study guide to make sure that you know how to jump around those books quickly.  You have approximately two minutes per question during the exam.  If you can get on the page that contains the answer within 30 seconds, you will pas the exam the first time!  This is how we are different and teach you how to navigate those books!

As soon as you signup for our Virginia Residential Building Construction class, you will be given access to our Virginia RBC practice exam material.  This is approximately 100 questions that will prepare you for the exam.  You can take advantage of getting started highlighting before you even attend class if you so choose.  

Want to know more about the exam?  Please click here for the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin

# of Questions

Minimum Passing Score

Time Allowed


70% (56 correct)

160 Minutes

Subject Area

# of Items













Windows, Doors, and Skylights




Decks, Walks, and Ramps






Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs


Prints, Plans, and Specifications


Safety and Employee Protection


Construction Debris, Cleanup and Disposal




What if I am a first time Virginia Contractor?  

Then you will need to take the Virginia Pre-License Course.  It is an online course that covers the basics of contracting in Virginia.

Where do I signup for the PSI Exam?  You can register online at PSI Online.

Where do I apply for the License?  You can download all the forms at Virginia DPOR.

What if I have more questions about the Virginia Exams?  Then email or call us 804-556-5518.  We will be glad to help.

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