Virginia Highway Heavy Exam

Virginia Highway Heavy License Exam Prep Class

Highway Heavy Contractors (H/H) means those individuals whose contracts include construction, repair, improvement, or demolition of the following:

  • Bridges Railroads
  • Dams Roads
  • Drainage systems Runways
  • Foundations Streets
  • Parking lots Structural signs & lights
  • Public transit systems Tanks

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When and Where is the NEXT Virginia Highway Heavy Exam Class:

We Offer the Highway Heavy Exam Every other Wednesday 8:30 -11:30 In Richmond or Via Live Webinar.  You can join us from the comfort of your home or office!

Richmond Classes are held at: 1100 Welborne Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23229

Want more information on the exam?  PSI is the proctor of the exam: PSI's HH Candidate Information Bulletin. 

H/H includes the following specialties and they are not required to be listed separately on your contractor license.

Asphalt Paving and Seal Coating Contracting (PAV)
Billboard/Sign Contracting (BSC)
Concrete Contracting (CEM)
Landscape Irrigation Contracting (ISC)
Marine Facility Contracting (MCC)
Vessel Construction Contracting (VCC)

This is information provided directly by the Virginia Board for Contractors (VBC), Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) regulation guide, updated December 1, 2014:

The functions carried out by these contractors include but are not limited to the following:

  • Building demolition
  • Non-water well drilling
  • Clearing Paving
  • Concrete work Pile driving
  • Excavating Road marking
  • Grading Steel Erection

These contractors also install, maintain, or dismantle the following:

  1. Power systems for the generation and primary and secondary distribution of electric current ahead of the customer’s meter;
  2. Pumping stations and treatment plants;
  3. Telephone, telegraph or signal systems for public utilities; and
  4. Water, gas, and sewer connections to residential, commercial, and industrial sites, subject to local ordinances. This classification may also install backflow prevention devices incidental to work in this classification when the installer has received formal vocational training approved by the board that included instruction in the installation of backflow prevention devices.

Below, you’ll find a further breakdown of each of these specialties that your Virginia Highway Heavy (H/H) designation covers.

“Asphalt paving and seal coating contracting” (Abbr: PAV) means that service that provides for the installation of asphalt paving or seal coating, or both, on subdivision streets and adjacent intersections, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, running tracks, and play areas, using materials and accessories common to the industry. This includes height adjustment of existing sewer manholes, storm drains, water valves, sewer clean-outs and drain grates, and all necessary excavation and grading. The H/H classification also provides for this function.

“Billboard/sign contracting” (Abbr: BSC) means the service that provides for the installation, repair, improvement, or dismantling of any billboard or structural sign permanently annexed to real property. H/H and BLD are the only other classifications that can perform this work except that a contractor in this specialty may connect or disconnect signs to existing electrical circuits. No trade related plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work is included in this function.

“Concrete contracting” (Abbr: CEM) means the service that provides for all work in connection with the processing, proportioning, batching, mixing, conveying and placing of concrete composed of materials common to the concrete industry. This includes but is not limited to finishing, coloring, curing, repairing, testing, sawing, grinding, grouting, placing of film barriers, sealing and waterproofing. Construction and assembling of forms, molds, slip-forms, pans, centering, and the use of rebar is also included. The BLD and H/H classifications also provide for this function.

“Landscape service contracting” (Abbr: LSC) means the service that provides for the alteration or improvement of a land area not related to any other classification or service activity by means of excavation, clearing, grading, construction of retaining walls for landscaping purposes, or placement of landscaping timbers. This specialty may remove stumps and roots below grade. The BLD and H/H classifications also provide for this function.

“Marine facility contracting” (Abbr: MCC) means the service that provides for the construction, repair, improvement, or removal of any structure the purpose of which is to provide access to, impede, or alter a body of surface water. The BLD and H/H classifications also provide for this function. The MCC specialty does provide for the construction of accessory structures or electrical, HVAC or plumbing functions.

“Vessel construction contracting” (Abbr: VCC) means the service that provides for the construction, repair, improvement, or removal of nonresidential vessels, tanks, or piping that hold or convey fluids other than sanitary, storm, waste, or potable water supplies. The H/H classification also provides for this function

About Us

Contractors Institute is the number one Contractor Exam Training Company for Virginia Class A / B, RBC, CBTC – Building, and Highway Heavy License exam preparation – we’re not just saying that – we are registered -0000001 as the FIRST Company to provide training for the Class A/B, the BLD – Building licensing and exam preparation for the open book exams required for Virginia Contractor Licensing. We provide exam prep training for a number of Virginia Contractor license classes including the Virginia Highway Heavy License.

The Virginia Highway Heavy license is one of the most significant licenses for contracting in Virginia.

How much does a Class cost and what is included?

The cost of Class: $499 Live or Webinar or $399 PreRecorded. – Covers: HH Workbook, Practice Exam, Tabs.

Where Can I Order The Books?

You can order the Highway Heavy books from our Bookstore

Where Do I Take The Exam?

Information about taking the test with PSI
You will want to register with PSI and setup your test as soon after taking our class as possible.  Here is a link to PSI and their locations and phone number: PSI LOCATIONS VA
To Register online with PSI Click Here.  From the menu select Jurisdiction: Virginia, Select Account: VA Contractors, Select Classification: VA Contractor Business Exam Class A or B.  If you are taking the BLD portion of the exam you must Select Classification: VA Contractor Specialty Exams for Class A, B and C then select VA Building Technical Contracting.  PSI website is very tricky.  We are not associated with PSI.  If you need help navigating and registering with PSI please call them at 800-733-9267 FREE.

PSI has testing centers in the following cities:

  • Richmond, VA
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Falls Church, VA
  • Mclean, VA
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Salisbury, MD

Want to see what times and dates are available to take your exam? 

Click here:  PSI – Test Center Date and Availability Checker

The PSI Candidate Information Bulletin is the information that will be on the PSI test. 
Click here to download the PSI Candidate information bulletin.

CIB For Highway Heavy: Virginia PSI Highway Heavy Contractors

I am a new Contractor in Virginia

If you are a NEW contractor, you will need to take the Virginia 8 hour mandatory business and law class (BCL) – you can complete that requirement online with Virginia PreLicense ONLINE COURSE.  You can take that course online either before or after you take the exam prep class with us.  Existing class C or B contractors who are upgrading their license to Class B or Class A do not need to take the BCL course.  Only newly licensed contractors need to take that class.  You will need to have that course completed before you send in your application for a license.

Applying for your License at Virginia DPOR:

You can follow this link to apply for your license at DPOR

To sign up and register for Highway Heavy Class, click here: VA Highway Heavy Exam Prep Class

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