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Exam Prep Course

National Standard Residential Electrician (ICC G18) Exam Prep Course

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  • Course Duration: Complete at Your Own Pace
  • Course Type: Online Pre-Recorded
  • Books Required: 2

ICC G18 Residential Electrician Exam Prep Course

The ICC Contractor/Trades examination program is an independent testing program designed to provide licensing agencies with information regarding qualified contractors and trades professionals. Participating in the Code Council examination program does not guarantee that a licensing agency will award you a license. However, the Code Council examination program serves as an independent appraisal of your competency in the construction field. Your test results may be used by licensing agencies to satisfy the requirements for testing. Upon successful completion of the examination, contact the jurisdiction for any other requirements in order to become licensed.

If you plan to perform residential electrical work such as the installation, repair, alteration, or addition to any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways, conduit, or any part thereof in any state, city, or county where the ICC exams are accepted you may need to pass the G18 exam. Contact your local city or county to find out if this exam is required for the type of work you intend to perform.


Exam Prep Class:

This class will prepare you to take the ICC G18 Residential Electrician exam, administered by Pearson VUE or PRONTO. We cover all the material that you are allowed to bring into the exam.

Some licensing agencies may require you to apply through them prior to testing with ICC, while others may not. You should check with the licensing agency you are applying to for licensing requirements prior to registering for an examination.

This is an online, pre-recorded course you can complete at your own time and pace. Pre-Recorded content includes highlighting instructions and practice exam questions for each book.


Class Days and Times:

This prep course is an online pre-recorded course that you can complete at your own time and pace.

Course material is delivered to you digitally immediately upon purchase - meaning you can get started preparing for your exam today!


webinar access time

Online Content is available for 180 days after purchase. To extend content access an additional 180 days, a $50 course extension fee is required. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Additional Materials

The exam, administered by Pearson VUE and PRONTO, is open-book. You may bring the approved references into the exam, and reference manuals may be tabbed and highlighted. Tabs must be permanent adhesive tabs - removable tabs such as post-its are not allowed in the examination center. Tabs for the books allowed inside the exam are available here.


The exam is open-book. You may use the following approved references when taking the exam:

  1. NFPA 70 National Electrical Code, 2017 edition
  2. Ugly's Electrical Reference

We offer these books in a bundle linked here. We also offer pre-tabbed and highlighted books, containing all our course curriculum highlights and permanent pre-printed tabs that save you hours of preparing the books for your exam.

Exams are administered by Pearson VUE and PRONTO. Exams can be scheduled with Pearson VUE at and with PRONTO at with your myICC account. 

Exam Subject Areas

General Knowledge

- Electrical Theory and General Electrical Load Calculations, Code Definitions and Terms


Services and Service Equipment

- Service Load Calculations

- Service Equipment & Service Conductors

- System Grounding and Bonding



- Load Calculations

- Equipment Grounding


Branch Circuits and Conductors:

- Branch Circuit Calculations

-  Required Outlets & GFCI/ AFCI Protection

- Overcurrent Protection

- Equipment Grounding

- Conductor


Wiring Methods and Materials

- Raceway Installations

- Boxes and Enclosures

- Flexible Cords and Cables


Equipment and Devices

- Luminaires

- Receptacles, Switches and Other Devices

-  Appliances and Other Equipment


Special Occupancies, Equipment, and Conditions

- Swimming Pools and Similar Installations

- Low Voltage Circuits, Alarm & Similar Systems


Applying for the Exam

Some licensing agencies may require you to apply through them prior to testing with ICC, while others may not. You should check with the licensing agency you are applying to for licensing requirements prior to registering for an examination.

You can find more information about the exam procedures on ICC's website. You can find the ICC Information Bulletin for the exam linked here.


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