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Virginia Concrete Contracting (CEM) - Book Bundle

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Virginia Concrete Contracting (CEM) -Book Bundle

Virginia Concrete Contracting (CEM) - Book Bundle

These are all of the books that you will need for the Virginia Concrete Contracting (CEM) Exam Prep class and exam.  You can bring more books into the exam, but these are the main books that cover all of the topics on the exam.

  1. International Building Code, 2012 or 2015 edition
  2. International Residential Code. 2012 or 2015 edition
  3. Code of Federal Regulations CFR Part 1926 and Related Standards
  4. Placing Reinforcing Bars 2019, 10th Edition
  5. Pipe and Excavation Contracting 2011
  6. Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code
  7. Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures
  8. ACI 318-14: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary
  9. Formwork for Concrete, 2005 7th edition


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