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Get licensed as a construction contractor in Georgia: from residential projects to commercial contracts and everything in between, we have exam prep and license assistance programs to help you achieve your business goals.

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Georgia Construction Contractor License Options

In the state of Georgia, construction contractors are licensed to perform work depending on the classification of work and the financial scope. From Residential Basic contractor licensing to Unlimited General Contracting, Contractor Training Center has the exam prep you'll need to get any license you're applying for in Georgia.

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Georgia Construction License Options

License Options

In Georgia, individuals and businesses bidding on projects valued over $2,500 in labor and material costs are required to hold an active contractor's license. While there are multiple types of licenses, each requires applicants to take and pass an exam related to the scope of work. License options include the following:

  • Residential Basic Contractor: performs work that is relative to detached one-family and two-family residences and one-family townhouses not over 3 stories in height
  • Residential/Light Commercial Contractor: includes the scope of work for Residential Basic as well as work or activity that is related to multi-family and multi-use light commercial buildings and structures
  • General Contractor Limited Tier: limited to contract amounts of $500,000 or less; can perform any type of work other than that described in Chapter 14 of the Georgia Code
  • General Contractor Unlimited: can perform any type of work other than that described in Chapter 14 of the Georgia Code (work such as electrical/trades require additional licensure)
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