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Obtaining a contractor’s license in West Virginia

Individuals who perform more than $2500 in labor and materials will be required to hold a contractor's license in the state of West Virginia.

Construction contractors have to be licensed in West Virginia. You can now take the NASCLA exam for WV (which has the same scope of practice as the WV General Building Contractor), and you can work on Commercial and Residential projects.  We offer exam prep courses for the WV NASCLA Exam.

WV is a two-license state - you will also need to pass the Business Law exam offered by Prov.

General Contractors (Commercial and Residential) need to take the WV Business and Law Exam and the General Building Exam at Prov. Get the Prov Test information for West Virginia here.  

We offer the WV NASCLA (Accepted for Commercial and Residential), and you will need to go to Prov to take the Business Law.

Exam Preparation

Steps for Obtaining a Contractor's License

The below steps will need to be completed before obtaining a contractor license:

Register for the Exam

You will need to register for your examination(s), successfully finish the examination registration form and send in the form, along with a fee for your exam, to the following:

Study and then take the exam

The scores will be reported to the Contractor Licensing Board by two business days from the day you took your exam.

After the Exam

Once you have completed the exam, you will need to send the completed affidavit, as well as the $90 licensing fee, to West Virginia Contractor Board. The affidavit will certify that your firm is registered and within compliance with the following:

  • Workers Compensation – Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s Employer Coverage Unit
  • Secretary of State
  • State Tax Department
  • Wage Bonding
  • Workforce West Virginia Unemployment Compensation Division Contractor License Application/Affidavit

Once you have finished your exam, you will need to send in the paperwork for your license application, along with your payment for the licensing fee:

  • West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board www.wvlabor.org
  • Your license will be mailed to you

License Requirements

Steps to obtaining your license

If you hold a WV contractor license, these are some requirements you should know. If you have questions about these or other related topics, contact the WV Division of Labor at (304) 558-7890.

  • The contractor license number must appear in all advertisements and on all contracts.
  • The license must be posted in a “conspicuous position” at construction sites.
  • No license may be used by any person other than the person to whom the license is issued.
  • Local building permits cannot be issued to any contractor who does not possess a valid license if the total cost of a job is $2,500 or more.
  • If a license is renewed more than 15 days after the expiration date, a $25 penalty fee is charged in addition to the annual $90 renewal charge.
  • A license that has lapsed for 90 days or more cannot be renewed.

No persons licensed under the provisions of this Code may perform contracting work of an aggregate value of ten thousand dollars or more, including materials and labor, without a written contract setting forth a description and cost of the work to be performed, signed by the licensee and the person for whom the work is to be performed.

The ONLY reciprocity agreements approved by the Contractor Licensing Board are with North Carolina and Ohio. These agreements are for electrical classification ONLY (Master Electrician).

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the contractor licensing process.

Experience, exam or education contractor requirements: Are there any in the state of Virginia?

Yes, each first-time licensee will need to finish both the Business and Law test and the Trade test for each license.

Contractor Continuing Education: Is it required in West Virginia?

Each contractor license will need to be renewed each year. Each license will have a date it should be renewed on. Continued education is not needed at this time.

NASCLA Commercial Contractor License: Is this accredited license accepted in West Virginia?


Can I work on commercial and residential projects with my NASCLA license?


Is there any reciprocity with any other states?

The reciprocity agreements are only with Ohio and North Carolina for the Master Electrical only.

Where can I get the West Virginia Contractor books?
General Contractor, Commercial Contractor License: Does West Virginia require it?

Yes and it is accepted in 12 other states.

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