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Virginia Concrete Contracting (CEM) Exam Prep - Online PreRecorded

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Virginia Concrete Contracting (CEM) Exam Prep for the PSI Exam

Exam Prep Class: 

The Virginia CEM exam prep class prepares you to take the CEM PSI Exam.  In this comprehensive exam review, we present the course material and teach you how to navigate around the books.  The course covers all of the books and manuals that you are allowed to bring into the PSI exam.  The class material is online and you will get immediate access to all of our online course review material and CEM practice test as soon as you register.  

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License Requirements: 

Concrete Contracting (Abbr: CEM) means that service which provides for all work in connection with the processing, proportioning, batching, mixing, conveying and placing of concrete composed of materials common to the concrete industry. This includes but is not limited to finishing, coloring, curing, repairing, testing, sawing, grinding, grouting, placing of film barriers, sealing and waterproofing. Construction and assembling of forms, molds, slipforms, pans, centering, and the use of rebar is also included.

The CBC, RBC, and H/H classifications also provide for this function. We also have those classes and practice tests available.

Exam and Application:

Exams are administered by PSI and can be scheduled online or by calling PSI EXAMINATION SERVICES (800) 733-9267

The exam consists of 50 questions and you have 120 Minutes to complete the test.  You must get 70% (35 correct answers) in order to pass the exam.

Estimating - 5
Layout and Excavation - 10
Formwork - 6
Reinforcing Steel - 7
General Concrete - 16
Safety - 6

Books:  You are allowed to bring books into the exam.  They can be tabbed and highlighted.

Link to purchase the book bundle: Virginia Concrete Book Bundle  We recommend that you get the tabs to help you with clock management.

Additional Courses:

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License Application Info:

PSI Info on the exam: Please click here to get the Virginia Concrete Examination Candidate Information Bulletin from PSI

Our Virginia Page has more information about the exam, PSI and taking the test. 

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